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best vape uk

Best Vape Review, The V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

The V2 Pro Series 3 is more than just a good E-Cig. It is the best vaporizer out there. Sites like Gizmodo and T3 highlight the Pro 3 and it always...

Vaping – The Taste of E Cigarettes

One of the most common question asked by most smokers interested in switching to e-cigs is in regards to whether or not they taste anything like the real...
Platinum, simply the best juice

Platinum E Liquid Review

Today we have the pleasure of reviewing the Platinum E-Liquid range manufactured by V2. V2 are a well-respected brand who champion consistently high...

Purest E Liquid

There’s a very common myth about e-liquid – that “you never know what’s in it”. Which for the most part, is untrue. Find out more about the four...
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Quality E Cigs

Since e-cigs have come about, there have been quite a few different types to hit the market. It’s important that if you’re buying an e-cig for ...
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Shisha Pens

Shisha pens are for those who want the shisha (or “hookah”) experience but in the form of something a little more sleek and portable.
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E Cigs For Women

While not all of them do, many E cigs tend to look quite masculine, in masculine colours and sometimes they can be bulky or oversized.
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