Best Vape Pen Starter Kits

Vaping is growing in popularity, and there’s an ever-increasing range of products available. If you’re new to vaping, and you’re keen to buy the best vape kit that will help you quit smoking, here’s a rundown of our leading contenders for the best vape pen starter kits.

Our top picks for the best vape pen starter kits
You might be wondering where on earth to start if you’ve never vaped before. The good news is that we’ve done the legwork for you. Here’s our guide to the top vape starter kits out there:

Our favourite vape pen starter kit: VSAVI Starter Kit

If you’re on a mission to find an affordable starter kit, which is easy to use and wont let you down, look no further than the VSAVI Starter Kit. The 4.2 V battery is more powerful than the standard 3.7 V you find with competitors. Combined with the advanced design e liquid pod cartridges this vape device will replace the need to smoke as it offers excellent vapour and nicotine absorption.

Comprising 5 VSAVI classic cartridges, a white automatic e-cigarette battery and a rapid charger with USB port, you can start vaping in no time at all with minimal effort. You’ll be set up and ready to go before you know it. Once you’ve used the cartridges provided, you can take a look at other flavours, with a vast range of options available from tobacco to grape.

This kit is ideally suited to smokers who want to quit smoking and transition to vaping as it contains everything you need to get started within a very compact cigarette-feel design. With 4 different strengths available, VSAVI also enables you to take control and move at a pace that suits you. There are also a number of additional options for those who wish to use a range of e liquids and refill their own tanks.

Our advice is to add a second or even third battery so that you always have an e cig ready! There are various colours including white, black, blue and stainless steel. One vape battery should last your average vaper all day before requiring a recharge (2-3 hours). You will need an additional battery to vape with while charging your first. The price is attractive and you don’t then have to worry about ordering any additional items.

Our #1 best vape to quit smoking

Vape pen starter kits: Best of the rest

From the vape pen starter kits we tried, the VSAVI is head and shoulders above the rest. Other options we tried are below.

Innokin Jem, #2

A handy beginner’s vaping kit, which features a sleek, compact vape and a range of five power settings to optimise your vaping pleasure. Your favourite e liquid may require a higher or lower temperature to get the full flavour and nicotine and the Jem will facilitate this. This is a great option for those keen to explore a more diverse range of vape varieties.

The Innokin Jem vape kit, our #2 best e cigarette

This is one of the only 1000 mAh battery starter kits that is not cumbersome, it fits very neatly into your hand. The tank is a top-fill design so refilling is easy and convenient – no need to remove it to refill making this an ideal option for those who are in the process of cutting down or smokers that are eager to quit but need a small but powerful all day vape.

The Jem kit comes with a 1000 mAh battery, a USB charger, 1.6 ohm coil and 2 ml tank so you are ready to go, simply add e liquid. The Jem’s versatility and battery life rates highly among users.

#2 vape - Innokin Jem

Xeo Void Quick start kit, #3

The German designed Xeo Void start kit is a stylish starter kit, which is also really easy to get to grips with if you’ve never vaped before. This vape device was designed to be an ‘all-in-one’ offering, which makes vaping simple and leak-free. Featuring a child-proof lock, atomizer heads that come with different levels of resistance, and an integrated battery, it couldn’t be easier to get going. The standard pack contains a USB charger, and there’s a variety of e-liquid flavours available to buy as extras. The kit comes in several different colours, so you can pick a shade to suit your style and taste.

Xeo Void vape kit -our #3 vape

The Xeo Void vape kit, our #3 best e cigarette


If you’re new to vaping, the last thing you want is to waste time trying to find the right vape pen starter kit for you. Hopefully, these reviews will point you in the right direction.