The Best E Liquid Available In the UK Right Now

The style, brand, flavour and, strength of e-liquid you choose has a big impact on your vaping experience. So, understanding the differences is essential. Armed with that knowledge, you will be able to choose the right e liquid for you and really enjoy your vaping.

Choosing an e-liquid – Which is the best e liquid for your vape

Before we take a look at the best UK e-liquids, we first need to explain what the different types are and what they are like to use.

Let’s start with the PG type.
PG stands for Propylene Glycol, which is the liquid that is used to carry the flavourings and create the vapour. This is what you can expect from a PG e-liquid:

  • Great flavour delivery
  • Works well for the lower-powered vape devices
  • A better throat-hit than a VG e-liquid
  • A cigarette like vaping experience
  • Produces less visible vapour

Now, let’s look at the VG type of e liquid.

VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine. As the name suggests, this liquid is made using vegetable products like palm oil, soybeans or coconuts. Here are the qualities of VG e-liquid explained:

  • Produces huge clouds of rich vapour
  • Ideal for high-powered style of vaping devices e.g. the Alien 220
  • Not alcohol based
  • Has a slightly sweeter taste than PG e-liquids do

OK, so now you know a bit about the two different types of vaping liquids we can share with you our top picks for the best e liquid in the UK.

Our Best E Liquid UK List:

10 – Gloop “Short Fill” E-Liquid
A short fill means a nicotine free product. You can only purchase 10ml bottles of e liquid in the UK that contain nicotine, if you purchase a bigger bottle your buying what’s known as a “short fill”. But, if you are looking for a nicotine hit when you vape, don’t worry. You just need to add a 10ml shot of nicotine to the juice before you start to use it. This is normally available from wherever you would purchase a short fill.

The Gloop range of dessert and beverage flavours is very popular. They include Sticky Strawberry Cake, Caramel Latte, Hazelnut Cookie and Blueberry Donut.
These flavours are ideal for those with a sweet tooth, and some of the better sweet flavour e liquids we have tried.

9 – Dinner Lady Orange Tart
This small UK based company from Blackburn looks to the past for its flavour inspiration. At the time of writing this review page, they have 20 interesting concoctions in their range.
One of the most interesting is their orange tart flavour. All of the elements are there. The biscuit base and sweet and juicy oranges combine to delight the palate.

8 – IVG Sweets Bubblegum
If you cannot get enough of bubblegum flavoured vaping, you have got to try IVG’s Bubblegum Sweets version. It tastes exactly like Bubblegum Millions, the crunchy candy balls produced by the famous British sweets firm Appleton’s.

7 – Wake Mod Co Strawbeezy
This premium e liquid offers the perfect dessert hit. It tastes exactly like an artisan American strawberry cheesecake. You taste the savoury cracker base followed moments later by the rich, deep flavour of the creamy strawberry topping.

6 – Vape Wild e juices collection
Vape Wild makes over 400 different juices, so, finding one that you like will not be difficult. Their top sellers are Ice Cold and Gold Label. As the name suggests, the Ice Cold is minty, icy and refreshing. While the Gold Label flavour tastes very much like one of the UK’s most popular loose tobacco brands.
If they do not appeal, try some of their beverage flavours. They have one of the best selections available in the UK.

5 – Halo Cigs Tribeca
This iconic brand has been around from the very earliest days of vaping. Tribeca is one of their best-sellers and has been for several years. It offers a fine balance between traditional tobacco flavours which have been accented using notes of caramel and vanilla.

4 – Element e liquids
If you are a fan of drip vaping, or like using nicotine salts, try the Elements range. They sell all e juice formats. The emulsions range combines two of the basic element flavours. If you like slushie inspired e-juice you will be spoilt for choice.

3 – Lucha Juice High Flyer
If you are looking for something really different, this coffee flavoured vaping juice is definitely worth trying. Coffee flavoured e-juices are a bit hit and miss. Some of them taste truly awful.
But, Lucha has got the balance just right. They have used natural coffee extract. The bitterness of the coffee is tempered using Madagascan vanilla. It is really tasty.

2 – Breaking Brew Blue Cranston
This e-juice is made by a UK-based company. Breaking Brew has a reputation for coming up with interesting flavours, that really appeal to the British palate. Blue Cranston is a great example of this. It has a fruity flavour profile, with a lovely cool kick at the end provided by the aniseed and menthol they have included in the mix.
If you like the Heisenberg style of flavours, but find the Vampire Vape original range to be expensive, or a little “off” tasting, try this instead. It should hit the spot. In fact, most people find its softer, fruitier flavour to be more to their taste.

1 – V2 Platinum Premium
At number one is V2 Platinum Premium. It is head and shoulders above the rest. This is a high PG e liquid with a great throat hit, without compromising on flavour.
V2 Cigs has always made extremely pure vaping juices. All of their products are regularly lab tested and they publish the results. So, you can be sure of their products.
They only use the best ingredients. So, the nicotine used in this smoker friendly vaping product is pharmaceutical grade.
At the time of our writing this, they offer 12 flavours. The list includes e-tobacco, menthol, mint and fruit flavours.
The Green Tea Menthol flavour is particularly nice. It has a crisp, clean flavour, which is very refreshing.
Importantly, their tobacco range is available in several flavours. So, whether you like Virginian, French or Turkish cigarettes, your tastes are catered for. V2 Premium e juices are available in 5 nicotine strengths. If you are using vaping to help you to give up smoking, V2 Cigs vaping juices make it easy to gradually reduce your nicotine consumption. Click here for more information.