Best Pod Kits

What is a pod vape?

Simply put, a pod vape is an all-in-one design that offers a ‘plug and play’ aspect to your daily use. These are sold as individual units that contain your chosen e-liquid in a robust, sealed container – known as a cartridge or a vape pod. When you’re ready to replenish or load your device, all you have to do is slot your chosen pod into that unit at you’re good to go. This cuts out fuss, damage, or spillage, and allows you to dispose of older pods responsibly – marrying convenience and cost. Refillable pod kits are also available. 

We present you the best pod kits on the market in 2020.

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#1 RipTide RipStick


RipTide RipStick takes the 1st place without compromise. 

The RipStick’s pod system has a secret under its sleeve – its range of flavours are uniquely made without the use of benzoic acids. What makes it truly unique is RipTide’s innovative Nictech – tobacco-free nicotine created in a lab and therefore lacks most impurities and is not nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant.. Using the device is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  • Large battery capacity of 500 mAh
  • Contains tobacco-free Nicotine
  • Benzoic acid-free
  • Great flavour and vapour production
  • Good throat/nicotine hit
  • Easy to use

#2 Vype ePod


Vype’s ePod is our runner-up, being definitely the best Vype’s device so far.

The Vype ePod is a compact-sized vape that looks stylish, modern and is easy to use. 

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Nice cigarette-like draw

#3 Hangsen iQ Air


Hangsen iQ Air vape kit finishes 3rd.

 The Hangsen iQ Air is super slim and has a lovely brushed metal finish and subtle branding which gives it a classy premium look and luxurious feel. 

  • Good build quality and design paired with a smooth MTL draw