Best E Cigs For Women

Even when smoking real cigarettes a lot of women remained feminine by choosing the slim type or flavoured cigarettes like menthol. When the vaping revolution started, men were the first ones to take on it, therefore initially vaping devices were designed for men. Over the years this has changed dramatically though and most companies, if not running a separate feminine line, they are all bringing out vape kits that are appealing to women not only by looking feminine but also simple to use.

Same like men and women roles in modern society have completely mixed up – modern women not necessary take on small feminine e-cigarette kits. Some ladies still want bulky cloud chasing devices or vaporizers that are bigger than a cig-a-like vape device.

Below we bring you some of the most popular vaping devices for women. Ladies, we got it all covered – slim type, pod kits, vaporizers and even cloud chasing devices.

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Slim Type Cig-a-Like Vape Kits

For those ladies that are looking for slim type cig-a-like vape kits, got it all. Their starter kit range has both prefilled cartridge starter kits and e-liquid vape kits that are not only stylish and good looking but also very reliable and easy to use. EX Series batteries are so good looking that it would be a crime not to own one of those Rose Gold or Blue Pearl batteries. BuyV2Cigs offer the best mix-and-match capabilities. Browse their range below.

Prefilled Pod Vapes

For those wanting a little bit more out of their vape – RipTide arrived on UK shores to introduce a brand new vaping experience. Using next-generation NicTech technology, the RipStick brings together a vape pod system that works seamlessly with an array of flavoursome disposable pods. Not only that flavours are so great, but also the e-liquid is made with synthetic nicotine which contains no Benzoic acid like traditional tobacco plant extract used in other e-liquids. Small, lightweight and powerful. You can read the full review HERE

And if you are looking for something even more stealthier – Hangsen iQ Air is the answer for you. It is super slim and has a lovely brushed metal finish and subtle branding which gives it a classy premium look and luxurious feel paired with a smooth MTL draw of a real cigarette. Full review HERE.

Refillable Pod Kits

If you are looking for refillable pod vape kit to fill with your favourite e-liquids – we got that covered for you as well. 

The Smok Nord 2 is the follow-up version of the legendary Smok Nord pod kit that has been fully improved. massive battery capacity of 1500mAH, both MTL (mouth-to-lung) and DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping capabilities, quality build and of course fabulous design – these are just few things to mention. Smok Nord 2 pod vape kit is a must have device for every vaping lady. 

For something even more discreet Vaptio C-Flat Mini is a new all-in-one pod featuring ceramic coil technology for a more intense vaping experience. With an aluminium matte finish, this low-maintenance device is sleek and durable without compromising performance.

Best Vaporizer For Women


The XEO Void is the perfect pen style vaporizer for both beginners and experienced women vapers. An all in one vaping device that combines the latest and best technology with high-quality German design, making it easy to fill and easy to use.

Having a massive high performance 1500 mAH battery, the best anti-leaking structure with 2 ml e-liquid capacity makes the device outstanding. XEO Void is capable of both sub-ohm and standard DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping this pen style vaporizer is also optimised for both normal e-liquid and high VG ratio e-liquid​


We are sure that every lady will be able to choose their perfect vaping device out of all those suggested above. We have selected the best, fashionable and quality e-cigarette devices for every woman. 

Stay tuned ladies as we will update you with any new vape devices that are best suited for women when they hit the market.   

Fashionable, Quality Women’s E-Cigs? You bet.

The Vapor Couture range of e-cigs is a fashionable quality e-cig for women. These are very elegant small vape pens. VMR Products LLC, who manufactured Vapor Couture, have now ceased production and introduced a replacement in the form of their new EX-Series product range. Whilst we understand there is still some VC inventory we would suggest that the new sleek Ex-Series range offers a stylish e cigarette that is innovative and overall is a better vaping device. The quality of the Ex-Series is second to none. Read our full review of the Ex-Series here.


The EX-Series comes with a matching sleeve that fits neatly around your refill cartridge resulting in clean and streamlined elegant feel and look.

See the full range of Ex-Series Vape Pens here.

Back to Vapor Couture

The VC range is not only a sleek and attractive looking E-cigs but has accessories such as the stunning Vapour Couture Smartphone Clutch – It has room for 2 E-Cig batteries, 4 Cartridges, your smart phone and all your bank cards. What more do you need for a night out?Vapour Couture Smart Phone Clutch. Best e-cig for women

What’s more is the actual Vapour Couture products come in a massive range of stunning designs.

“I got the smartphone clutch in the mail yesterday, VERY happy! My phone is easy to access, pop the flap open and it’s ready to answer, while my batteries and ecig cartridges are zippered so they won’t fall out when I do. Got the plum one already, but right now I’m going to order the red one to go with my favourite”little red dress” that I love to wear to parties. Comes leather with leather and chain strap, very stylish! Recommend for any e cigarette smoker.”

There are other cool additions too, such as the sterling silver necklace/bracelet you can also purchase from Vapour Couture. This little number dangles round your neck with an elegant touch, or you can use the double lobster clasp to convert it into a double loop bracelet.  You simply snap in the crystal end of your E-Cig into the necklace and it dangles for a hands free experience. For those on a budget it also comes in stainless steel.

VC Necklace - e cigarette for women

I’m not usually the kind of gal to spend a bit extra money just to get something a bit more stylish. Although I feel in love with a Vapor Couture as soon as I saw it and finally talked myself into buying it for myself. I wasn’t disappointed and there is certainly some substance behind the style! Very happy!

We aren’t saying these are the only E-Cigs for women, but for us, they have the best quality E-cigs which are produced by our favourite E-Cig company (V2), they also have a really good array of accessories we think are fabulous. Why have a lanyard when you can have a stunning silver necklace?

For a Starter Kit for vaping we would suggest the exceptionally high quality Vapour Couture L’Essentiel +1 Kit, it comes with everything you would need including:

  • 2 VC Batteries of your choice (Beautiful silver, Stunning Rose Gold, Metallic Pink – All with a beautiful Jewelled tip which lights up when vaping)
  • A Stunning Sterling Silver necklace/Bracelet
  • Charging Kit
  • 2-5 Packs of VC Catridges

VCBanner gift the best e cigarette

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