RipTide RipStick Review: Revolution In Vaping Industry

With pod-based designs increasingly taking the market by storm, it’s easy to find yourself struggling to pick out one that works for you. But if you’re looking for an intuitive, all-in-one solution – there’s a new competitor on the market that’s potentially worth your time.

First launched in 2019, RipTide has taken the market by storm by following in Juul’s footsteps by creating a device with an exceptional form factor that looks organic and timeless that’s the best alternative for Juul.

The RipStick uses a unique magnetic interlocking system to hold their proprietary pod technology in place – making the swapping out of pods simple and straightforward. What makes it truly unique is their innovative Nictech e liquid, this is the best synthetic nicotine.  Created in pharmaceutical labs this translates to a vape with absolute minimum impurities and the important fact that it is not nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant.

In effect, this gives two major advantages to its target audience. The device will also appeal to seasoned vapers looking to chase a throat hit – a thick inhalation that gives an extra-thick kick of flavour and nicotine, the ‘rip’ that the device is known for.

RipTide RipStick

RipTide RipStick Kit Contents:

A pod vape is an all-in-one design that offers a ‘plug and play’ aspect to your daily use. When you’re ready to replenish or load your device, all you have to do is slot your chosen pod into that unit at you’re good to go. This cuts out fuss, damage, or spillage, and allows you to dispose of older pods responsibly – marrying convenience and cost.

  • RipTide RipStick Device (500 mAh)
  • USB-C Charger
  • Disposable RipTide RipStick Pod (1.4 mL) of your choice
  • User Manual

RipTide RipStick Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh battery
  • Pod capacity: 1.4 mL
  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Size: 22 mm x 11 mm x 130 mm
  • Available in 12 mg/mL and 20 mg/mL 

The Look and Feel of the RipTide RipStick

Built from the ground-up to be intuitive, the RipStick’s rounded shell is made of a lightweight metal alloy and has nice ergonomic edges. It will discretely fit into any pocket without stretching it.

When the user takes a puff on the RipStick, RipTide logo glows in a series of blue L.E.D. lights. When the device runs low on power, the L.E.D. lights change from blue to red.

RipTide RipStick Battery

RipTide RipStick Battery Life

Along with the device’s power-saving functionality, the Ripstick device has a 500 mAh battery – ensuring more than a day’s worth of charge from the average vaper. This provides convenience and ensures nothing stands in the way of your experience. In addition, the lack of extra parts maintains a slim form factor that makes it easy to place in your pocket and forget about.

Using the RipTide RipStick

Using the device is as simple as 1, 2, 3. There isn’t even a button to use to operate it. Once the pod is inserted, the user simply has to touch their lips to the mouthpiece, inhale, and the device activates and everything just works as it should. Couple this with their commitment to all-in-one e-liquid pods and the RipStick has longevity when it matters most.

There are no complicated menus to worry about. No wattage or voltage adjustments to worry about.

The device’s straightforward controls make it exceptionally easy for novices and eliminates the stress and fuss for those new to vaping or picking up the device to cut back on their daily use.

RipTide RipStick Flavour Options

The RipStick’s pod system has a secret under its sleeve – its range of flavours are uniquely made without the use of benzoic acids. Normally used by other competitors on the market, these chemicals can leave a burnt or bad taste in your mouth. RipTide’s proprietary technology ensures that you get the strength you need as and when you like it without having to endure an acrid aftertaste.

  • Bright Leaf Tobacco – A bold and robust blend featuring the traditional flavour of a variety of masterfully cured tobaccos.
  • Mint – A crisp, chilled mint with a hint of sweetness that will rejuvenate your perspective and refresh your palate.
  • Blue Raspberry – A bold, face-puckering flavour from the world’s most elusive fruit: the beautiful blue raspberry.
  • Mango – succulent and mouthwatering, sweet mango, wrapped up with the perfect kick of an unforgettable vapour experience.
  • Tropical – A daiquiri inspired blend of fresh coconut, ripe Georgia peaches, and supremely scrumptious strawberries.
  • Berry Crunch – A cereal inspired experience of tart-and-tangy mixed fruit with notes of cream and granola.
RipTide RipStick Flavours

Last Word on the RipTide RipStick

Should I get one? Absolutely.

The pod design and guaranteed smooth taste ensure you get the most bang for your buck. And if you’re looking for a pod system that doesn’t break the bank, the RipStick is a fantastic solution. RipStick offers you quality without compromise at a supremely affordable price point.