VIE Vaporizer Review: Best Budget Dry Herb Vaporizer

A relatively unknown name in the vaping industry – VIE – comes with a statement: high quality dry herb device at a fair price. The VIE is unique because it can vape both wax and dry herbs. Portable and discreet, using a one-of-kind capsule system, this little device really stands out from its competitors. 

The VIE is a conduction vaporizer that offers 4 preset Temperature Level and 3 different Heating Modes giving users plenty of options to customize their experience. Featuring innovative capsule technology and advanced heating system, VIE produces tasty and smooth vapour like no other vaporizers in this price range can do.

VIE Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit Contents:

Packed in a neat stylish box, VIE Kit contains everything you need to start vaping dry herbs or concentrates on the go.

  • 1 x VIE Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 3 x Dry Herb Capsules
  • 1 x Wax/Concentrates Capsule
  • 5 x Mesh Screens
  • 1 x Cleaning Kit
  • 1 x User manual
VIE Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit Contents

VIE Specifications

  • Advanced heating technology
  • Use for herbs or concentrates (liquid or wax)
  • Four temperature controls
  • Built to withstand impacts during normal usage
  • Capsule system provides no hassles, reload on the go
  • Each herb capsule holds 0.3 grams
  • 200 vape puffs per charge
  • Vaporizer heats in 1 minute

The Look and Feel of the VIE

When you hold the VIE in the hand, unlike other aluminium devices, VIE feels somewhat cheap as it is built purely from plastic. But that shouldn’t put you off, because more expensive materials would boost the unit price much higher and for vapers, it’s all about the vapour right?

Nevertheless, VIE looks very nice. Unlike most competitors, VIE isn’t a pen-style dry herb vaporizer, it is flat shape which still makes it very portable and discreet. It will comfortably sit in any pocket.

Capsules – probably one of the best features of the VIE. You can have your materials preloaded in the capsules and all you need to do is put the pre-filled capsules into the tube that comes with the kit. When you are ready to use the device, just insert one of the capsules into the device and you are ready to use it.

The VIE has another amazing discreet feature – vibration function. You can keep the VIE in the pocket while it is heating so you don’t look suspicious. Once the VIE is ready for use, it signals with a discreet buzzing noise.

Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer portability

VIE Battery Life

VIE hasn’t put out the battery capacity numbers as if this was top-secret and that information cannot be found. This is frustrating as the only thing we can do is just test to see how many puffs/sessions we can get out of a full charge. So while all the device’s batteries are measured in mAhs, we measure VIE in puffs. With a full charge, VIE will give you around 200 puffs. Basically that is all we have to say about the battery.

Using the VIE Dry Herb Vaporizer

The VIE is not an easy device to use at least in the beginning. Every user should read the manual carefully first before using the device, as it might look that VIE is not very user-friendly in the beginning.

As mentioned already, VIE works on a capsule system and you have to get used to that. The process can get a bit messy.

In terms of actual use, the device is easy to turn on and easy to adjust. Once you’ve filled the chamber with 0.2 grams of herb, you’ll have to triple-click the power button to turn the unit on. The device will automatically begin heating to the selected temperature setting in around 60 seconds of time. At this point you can change between one of three heating modes:

Direct load: With the indicator light slowing blue, the device will be set for loading herbs into the chamber without a capsule. It’ll be set at a lower heat level.

Herb capsule: Indicated by the red power light, the temperature will be slightly higher to accommodate for use with the herb capsules.

Concentrates: Shown by the purple light, this is the highest temperature setting intended only for use with concentrates and not to be used with dry herbs.

The VIE will automatically shut off if it doesn’t detect a draw in the last few minutes which is a convenient feature. Also, VIE includes a standby feature, which will keep the chamber heated to the chosen heating modes temperature, and with a quick tap of the power button, it will raise the temperature back up to the preset temperature.

Last Word on the VIE Vaporizer

The VIE has some innovative and interesting features, however, it really falls behind other competitors. The battery is very underwhelming, the vapour quality is average. Although the capsule system idea is nice, the performance of the device is not that great and nowhere near to the performance of Mig Vapor Khan. But hey, it is 3 times cheaper which still makes it be the best budget dry herb vaporizer on the market.