What is the Best Tobacco Flavour Vape?

Mixture of the Best Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquids and Cartridges

  1. Vsavi Red Tobacco
  2. Vuse Blended Tobacco
  3. Elfliq Cream Tobacco
  4. Vsavi Sahara Tobacco Cartridges
  5. Pukka Juice Tobacco


Vape devices have been around for roughly 15 years now, acting as a useful cessation tool which helps smokers quit one nicotine addiction that is very dangerous to human health for an alternative that also contains nicotine but is recommended as a safer swap.  While cigarettes contain tobacco which contributes to eight million global deaths per year, a tobacco flavour vape does not. And yet, even though many smokers are aware of these statistics, they persist because they’re used to the habit, mild tobacco flavour and high nicotine levels.

Where e-cigarettes are useful as a cessation tool stems from the fact you can vape by replicating the habit, but most importantly with a plethora of flavours (including tobacco and menthol) at a cheaper price and with fewer toxins contributing to ill health. Today, we will explore the best tobacco-flavoured e-liquid options available and which might be best for you.

What is Tobacco and How Do E-Liquid Manufacturers Replicate the Taste?  

Simply put, tobacco is a product prepared from the cured leaves of the tobacco plant. Smoking tobacco itself can lead to all sorts of long-term illnesses (which can prove fatal), such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Therefore, it’s obviously best to stay away from any cigarette products. However, you will likely be reading this blog because you find it difficult to put them down but believe that a tobacco-flavoured nicotine product such as a vape e-liquid could help to resist the temptation.

Considering vaping contains nicotine and some of the e-liquids below do taste very similar to tobacco, the transition makes perfect sense and is a much easier way to quit cigarettes than nicotine gum or patches. This is backed up by the NHS, who state vaping can be twice as effective as a cessation tool compared to cigarettes.

The Top 5 Tobacco Flavoured Vape Juice Products of 2023  

Let’s run through our top picks so far this year that contain tobacco flavourings:


Vsavi Platinum Red Tobacco E-LiquidVsavi Red Tobacco  

An instant classic with vapers across the UK for many years now, Vsavi red tobacco hits the spot for all who miss the rich flavours of tobacco cigarettes and need an equivalent replacement. In fact, the taste doesn’t just replicate the taste but enhances it because once you quit smoking for good, you begin to regain the senses lost from the dangerous chemicals that impact your taste and smell sensations.

With Vsavi Red Tobacco, the texture is smooth but there is still a higher concentration of Propylene Glycol at the base in contrast to Vegetable Glycerine, which means you will have more of an intense throat hit than large clouds of vapour.

Best of all, for a 10ml bottle at £5.99, you get more than enough puffs to replicate a whole pack of cigarettes, which is double the price now in the UK!




Vuse Blended Tobacco E-LiquidVuse Blended Tobacco  

Vuse is a brand from the United States recognised and praised for its high-quality e-liquids. The Blended Tobacco vape liquid is no exception with a fine mixture of ingredients to replicate smooth and rich tobacco notes. A very mellow vape with mild sweet textures to compliment the strength of this vape juice, which you can select in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths.

Ideally, this e-liquid does not create huge clouds of vapour. This is important for vapers as they transition from cigarettes because some are put off by the sheer volume of vapour that puffs out of some vape kits. However, Vuse e-liquids are great in flavour but discreet to use in a low-powered device.





Elfliq Cream Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid from Elf BarElfliq Cream Tobacco  

Elfliq is the like-for-like replacement many vapers have turned to after using disposables but growing wary of the damage battery disposal causes to the environment and the sheer higher cost of vaping one a day at a more expensive price. Created by the popular disposable vape brand Elf Bar, Elfliq has a wide range of e-liquids for vapers of all levels and flavoured interests. But for those who want something not too sweet (like many disposables are) and a flavour closer to cigarettes, Cream Tobacco is for you.

A generous blend of ingredients creates a tobacco sensation but with added creamy notes of flavour thrown in for good measure, you get an e-liquid close to tobacco and yet the sweeter tones help to balance this vape juice.





VSAVI Classic Cartridges SaharaVsavi Sahara Tobacco Cartridges  

Another great product from Vsavi which will certainly help millions switch from cigarettes to vaping, the vape cartridges in the form of a cigalike when paired with a Vsavi battery is the closest experience you will get to smoking that saves you money, time and effort. Each cartridge is prefilled with e-liquid already and contains a preinstalled coil. They have a wide range of tobacco-inspired cartridges including Congress Tobacco and Red Tobacco like the 10ml e-liquid listed above.

However, our favourite cartridge format has to be Sahara Tobacco, which is a nice mixture of intense French cigarette flavours and Turkish tobacco notes.





Pukka Juice Tobacco 10ml E-LiquidPukka Juice Tobacco  

Last on the list is another popular e-liquid brand – Pukka Juice. Although they’ve only been around a few years, their tobacco flavour is a fantastic addition to any vape juice collection. It’s certainly rich in flavour with the aromatic intensity of a cigarette but with a much more pleasant smell, which also tastes much better and at a fraction of the price.

You can pick up one of these e-liquids in 0.3% (3mg), 0.6% (6mg) and 1.2% (12mg), so it caters to lots of different levels of smoking that seek a tobacco-flavoured vape juice that replicates the taste and nicotine satisfaction of cigarettes.






So, there you have it, our complete list of the best Tobacco e-liquid flavours so far from some top e-liquid manufacturers. As recent studies have shown, tobacco tends to be the most popular flavour of vaping (at least initially) for those who hope to quit their smoking habits (whether heavy or social) and seek a similar throat hit and flavour intensity. This is in comparison to vapers who have only tried this method of nicotine and have never smoked, who end up doing so thinking it’s a cultural trend. This is not the case or intention, and certainly not something we condone at Quality ECigs when we review products. 

Like with anything in vaping, because there are so many choices out there, it can be difficult to break down the options available but we hope this list of tobacco flavour vape products has at least given you a glimpse into what’s available for vapers who need different nicotine strengths. Keep your eyes open and check back regularly as we update this list for 2023 and beyond, keeping you informed of the best tobacco-flavoured e-liquids.