GeekVape Aegis Mini 2 M100 Review 

Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 M100 Vape ModGeekvape is a major manufacturer brand known in the vaping world for its stellar vape kits that are robustly built to prevent major bumps and scratches. Often created with dustproof, waterproof and shockproof technology, you can expect a device that will not let you down. They’re also just as popular for their Sub-Ohm tanks and coils that produce excellent flavour. So which device you pick may boil down to what you want most out of your vape experience? Do you prefer large clouds from a chunky mod that holds a larger battery, or something compact that can fit in your pocket or bag? With the Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 M100, it ticks all the necessary boxes from this set of criteria.

Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 M100 Specifications:

  • 2500mAh battery
  • 100W output capacity
  • Top airflow and top fill tank
  • Puff counter to keep track of your progress
  • Max 8.5V
  • 1.08” colour screen
  • Type-C charger

The Look and Feel of the Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 M100

Well, take a look for yourself. As the image shows, the Mini 2 M100 is a thing of beauty. Whether you opt for rainbow purple, blue red or pink gold, the craftsmanship is excellent as expected from Geekvape. A slick vape kit with a padded leather grip panel on one side, alongside a useful lock switch, and then on the other you have the handy 1.08” colour screen for easy navigation of the various features.

Most importantly, it is now IP68-rated compared to previous mods from Geekvape that were IP67 rated. Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, this sturdy and reliable device is great in all conditions and less likely to damage than other vape devices. Its very compact form factor easily holds in the hand and makes for a useful stealthy vape. With a protruding fire button and a type-c charger port at the bottom protected by a rubber plug, it’s well designed for vaping on the go.

How is the Battery Life?

Despite its compact nature, the Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 M100 has a very generous battery life which is a welcome surprise. Because it vapes up to 100W and is aimed at predominantly Sub-Ohm vapers, you need battery power to support the high VG e-liquids you will use. Therefore, Geekvape offers a whopping 2500mAh battery life, which will easily last you a full day when completely charged. There is even a power boost option to maximise the performance of your device.

Using the Aegis Mini 2 M100 – Easy or Difficult?

We would say this is a pretty easy device to use, from filling up your e-liquid into the Z Nano 2 Tank to navigating through the menu. Like previous Geekvape chipsets, the on-board menu system is simple to figure out, with the below instructions:

  1. To turn the device on and off, press the fire button five times.
  2. To adjust the screen brightness, press the fire button and left/right buttons together.
  3. To fill the tank, remove the 510 drip-tip (mouthpiece) at the top, and fill in the port. The Z coils press fit into the tank after you unscrew the base.
  4. Three clicks of the fire button to enter the power mode menu, where you can cycle with the left and right buttons between temperature control, bypass and vaping power curve, finally pressing the fire button to accept.
  5. Hold the fire button to leave the menu at any time and enter the main screen.
  6. Flick the lock switch to lock the device, which adds an extra level of protection when keeping it in your pocket or bag.

On the screen, you also have a puff counter which you can reset when you have reached your maximum level to count before wanting to start again. Other than that, there is not much to the device – it’s pretty straightforward and great for those taking the next step up from pod kits or even disposables.

Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 M100 Pros

  • Great build quality with excellent IP68-rated device protection
  • Solid form factor and easy grip, which is compact and comfortable in the hand
  • Decent amount of wattage power and a very generous battery capacity
  • Top-to-bottom airflow design
  • Produce large amounts of cloud and also plenty of coil options to pick from via the Geekvape B and Z series coils
  • Handy lock switch and simple menu navigation system
  • Less rubber on the device than previous Aegis mods, which means less dust collection

Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 M100 Cons

  • Would be an ideal mod for an external 18650/21700 battery. Once the battery performance ends on this mod you will need to replace the device


Overall, there are not too many complaints with this mod and the pros easily outweigh the cons. It’s a steady vape kit with enough wattage and battery power to last all day without needing to charge. It looks fantastic in terms of design and would suit lots of different levels of vaping. Best paired with high VG e-liquids, you can get some awesome fruity or classic menthol/tobacco flavours with this Sub-Ohm Mini 2 M100.

The tank is pretty standard – producing decent flavour but the drip tip limits the draw that you get from the higher VG liquids. We recommend getting a different tank that has a 510 connector and customising it to get the perfect vape that matches your needs. It looks the part and produces plenty of power up to 100W, so with its compact size and range of B series coils, delivers on multiple levels.