Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better?

Collection of Colourful Disposable Vape KitsIn the past few years, we have seen the meteoric rise of the disposable vape pen. Compact, pre-filled and pre-charged, it’s the quintessential starter kit for anyone looking to put down the cigarettes for good. Available in tons of flavours and often containing nic salts (which is considered by many an upgrade on traditional freebase nicotine), how come so many disposable vapes taste better than anything else and are difficult for refillable vape kits to replicate? There are a few key reasons why, which we will explain below in this easy-to-condense guide!

3 Key Reasons Why Disposable Vapes May Taste Better

The Flavourings and Sweeteners are Much Stronger

To begin with, it’s important to recognise that for many, the flavour can not be matched inside a disposable vape. Key manufacturers like Elf Bar, Geek Bar and Lost Mary have their own unique flavour profiles that contain individually produced sweetener and flavouring combinations that are very difficult to replicate. Some manufacturers of refillable vape kits such as Geek Vape, Innokin or Vaporesso come close, but their pod kits of similar stature and dimensions as a disposable are often aimed at a greater throat hit than intense flavours.

Because a disposable comes pre-installed with e-liquid inside (which is ideal for those who don’t want the fuss of refilling themselves), that means the flavours are more intense because they’ve had longer to saturate. By this, we mean to soak into the wick (which is often cotton-based in disposables). That saturation allows for much more intense flavours. And because a disposable has a shorter shelf life and is ready to vape straight away, you don’t have to worry about ruining the coil as it’s designed that way. In comparison, refillable kits simply can not create a vape kit that can withstand such intense ingredients and rely on the vaper filling up and waiting for the liquid to soak before vaping.

The Coils Can Withstand More

Although sweeteners are fantastic for flavour and intensity, they’re not so good for coil longevity. But as is the way with the vaping industry, innovation takes over as brands find new ways to introduce great technology that creates a better experience.

Step forward mesh coils – which are now very common with disposable vapes. They have a longer surface area and greater quality than classic ceramic coils, which are slowly being phased out, even with standard refillable kits. The longer surface area creates a longer-lasting flavour and helps to reduce the amount of sweeteners that stick to the coil.

The problem lies with coils when they begin to absorb all of the sweet ingredients added to e-liquids. Once they do that, it can create a nasty burnt taste by clogging the coil, preventing a coil from doing its job of heating up the liquid. The coils inside disposables are ready to go and don’t need to be wicked manually or swapped over. They typically last the duration of the 2ml max capacity inside, maintaining flavour throughout, which is always good news for new vapers and experienced alike!

The Nic Salts Make a Huge Difference

Nicotine salts are quite common these days and made a name for themselves following the popularity of disposable vapes. With a lower PH level by adding benzoic acid, nic salt e-liquids are less harsh on the throat and create better and smoother flavour consistency.

This means vapers can concentrate more on experiencing each ingredient and imagine their favourite fruit, dessert or tobacco note. Couple that higher strength of nicotine which is easier to absorb with the intensity of flavours listed above in contrast to refillable vapes and you have a winning formula.

Is There a Future for Disposable Vapes?

While disposables are very popular with not only new vapers fresh from quitting smoking but experienced vapers seeking a handy night-out disposable that takes the faff out of vaping, they do have a few drawbacks. Should you compromise cost and sustainability for maximum flavour? It really depends on what you’re after. Some vapers prize value above all else. Others like the convenience of not needing to worry about carrying around spare liquids, coils or a charger.

Disposables definitely have their position within the market for those who need them. However, whether they stick around may depend on how governments view them as an alternative to smoking. While vaping does help adults give up cigarettes, disposables are addictive and tempting for the youth of today, who are attracted by the bright colours, intensely sweet fruity flavours and packaging.

We all know they taste great, but what will the cost be for future generations? For now, the intense flavours help adults regain their senses after years of much more dangerous cigarettes at a cheaper price, while keeping a similar convenience to cigarettes for those who need a simple entry into vaping.