Elf Bar Elfliq Vape Juice Review

Elf Bar Elfliq Vape Juice Bottle and Packaging

There is a dilemma going on at the minute with vapers. Many love the intense flavours that come with disposables from the likes of Elf Bar, which produce strong taste profiles that are consistent from the first puff to the final six hundred (roughly) inhale of nicotine salts. The Elf Bar 600 V2 with QUAQ mesh coil technology is a fine example of that. But there is also the issue of sustainability. And in addition affordability. Could Elf Bar Elfliq could be the solution?

Should you keep throwing away devices including batteries, at not only a higher cost but something that negatively impacts the environment?

Well, no you shouldn’t but Elf Bars have their advantages in certain situations. You may be on a night out or only have a ten-minute break at work. They’re quick, compact, easy to store and convenient. Despite their convenience, a potential flavour ban still creates a cloud over the disposable market.

But fear not! If you want to save money and help the environment by using a pod kit with a reusable battery, Elf Bar has a solution for that too – their new e-liquids in 10ml bottles that replicate the same flavours.

Step forward Elfliq – the exciting vape juice from ELFBAR containing high nic salt content. In this review we look at the best Elfliq flavours (in our view) and whether they match the popular disposable consistency.

How are Elfliq E-Liquids Different?  

The key thing with these e-liquids is the flavour. They aren’t quite at the level of the ELFBAR disposable range, but that’s natural. All key manufacturers provide disposable devices that chuck out intense flavour because of their design and setup. The coil is already saturated with e-liquid over a longer period and the flavourings are much stronger than in a more sustainable long-lasting 10ml e-liquid. It’s easy for new vapers and those who don’t want to refill but at a higher price long-term. Great for initially trying without needing any knowledge of vaping but not ideal once it becomes a habit of using daily.

Designed to be used with pod kits and vape pens, a 10ml vape juice offers five times as many puffs at a much better price than an Elf Bar 600 puff disposable. Elfliq e-liquids are a 50/50 ratio of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. This means you get an equal balance of cloud production and throat hit.

Like with Elf Bars, Elfliq offers 10mg and 20mg nic salt variants, so you can have different throat hits and flavour profiles based on whether you’re a heavy smoker (more than 20 a day previously) or a 10-cigarette-a-day habit.

What is the Best Elf Elfliq Nic Salts Flavour?  

Blue Razz Lemonade  

Elfliq Blue Razz Lemonade Bottle and PackagingThis one made the list because it is an iconic flavour in the realm of disposables. Many brands have tried to replicate it but none have faired better than Elf Bar. This is a tantalising mixture of raspberries in the form of a tart dessert, with fizzy notes of lemonade flavours. The difference between the e-liquid compared to the disposable is the ice finish on the disposable, which takes away from some of the flavour profile. It makes it stand out but in the wrong way. So based on that, we like the elfliq more and it’s eerily close to the disposable in terms of sweetness, and some may say overpowering in terms of rich flavour.






Elfbull Ice  

Elfliq Elfbull Ice Vape Juice Bottle and PackagingJust like the energy drink, this concoction from Elf Bar is a tantalising blend of flavours that closely matches that of typical beverages you buy to keep you going during the day. Obviously, it doesn’t have the exact same impact but when you mix the adrenaline you get from nicotine alongside the sweet flavours of Elfbull, it’s a mixture worth trying. There is a hint of ice with this vape but it’s rather moreish too, so up to you whether you like that kind of experience!






Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava  

Elfliq Kiwi Passion Fruit and Guava Vape Juice Bottle and PackagingOne of our favourites on the list and certainly a top pick for many who prefer disposables, many e-liquid manufacturers have replicated this flavour combination, with no definitive answer as to who started the trend off. Tropical fruits are typically sweet, juicy and ripe with flavour. This vape juice from the Elf Bar Elfliq collection is no exception. Mixing the intriguing textures of kiwi with the slightly sweet taste of passion fruit and the delicacy of guava, this is one hell of an e-liquid choice! Perfect for vaping throughout the day or as an after-dinner option. It’s super intense and bursting with flavour – what’s not to like? A nice combination of sweet and sour.





Apple Peach  

Elfliq Apple Peach Vape Juice Bottle and PackagingWhat an interesting combination! Becoming more and more popular with vapers, apple peach is exactly what you expect. Mild notes of peach, and menthol cooling effect from start to finish when inhaling and exhaling the vapour, but certainly you can taste the sweet apple flavours, which creates the overall experience.

Not a 10/10 vape and certainly doesn’t replicate the disposable elf bar intensity, but a nice alternative that’s longer lasting and a better price!






Elfliq Watermelon Vape Juice Bottle and PackagingLast up we have watermelon, the ever-popular flavour with fans of all vaping formats. It’s simply a refreshing tasty flavour that we always associate with summer and sweet delights. Perhaps one of the sweetest fruits you can buy in the supermarket, the same applies when vaping this e-liquid alternative. Perhaps one of the best in terms of replication on this list, eerily close to the disposable options you can buy from their large range of disposable vape choices, such as the latest Elf Bar 600 V2 that mixes watermelon flavours with apple. If you seek something really sweet, the watermelon flavour from Elfliq might be right up your street!





So, there you have it, a brief list of our favourite flavours from the already legendary Elfliq range (despite its release in November 2022). For years fans have loved the Elf Bar disposables and now they can get very close to the same experience with a refillable e-liquid, giving the vaper greater control at a better economic price. This list as we explained earlier is subjective after all and may not tickle everyone’s fancy. But these are not the only liquids from the range. There are plenty of options in the range (10 in total), so you’re guaranteed to find something you like.