Vaping – The Taste of E Cigarettes

One of the most common question asked by most smokers interested in switching to e-cigs is in regards to whether or not they taste anything like the real thing. Most manufacturers claim that their products are able to completely simulate the taste and sensation of tobacco, however as anyone who has vaped these tobacco flavoured liquids will explain, these claims are often far from the truth. So what is it about the taste of e cigarettes and the sensation from the vapour that makes real tobacco products so difficult to replicate?

Vaping is not Smoking

Although most vaping products – especially some of the earlier e-cigarette starter kits – have beensimply the best e cigarette juice flavour designed to look like cigarettes, the way that they function and the chemical reactions taking place differ substantially. Smoking tobacco involves combustion, the tobacco is burnt and this is what you’re tasting as you inhale. However e cigarettes function by heating or vaporizing e-liquid which contains propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerine, (commonly known to “cloud chasers” as VG e-liquid). Most e liquids contain a mixture of PG and VG e liquids which is vaporized to create a vapour which is then inhaled. There is no combustion so you don’t receive the taste of tobacco after it has been burned. Effectively you absorb the nicotine in the vapour and any taste you experience is down to the flavourings contained within the e-liquid. Manufacturers of e-liquid attempt to blend their liquids in such a way so that the taste you experience is as similar as possible to the smoking experience. The key is to ensure you get an e-liquid that tastes similar to the cigarette taste you are used to. Don’t forget it is the nicotine that causes the desire to smoke, both vaping and smoking provide different methods of absorbing nicotine. It makes more sense from a health perspective (and cost) to get this ‘hit’ of nicotine from vaping rather than from smoking.

Vaping, a Smoking Substitute

Some smokers may be put off vaping with electronic cigarettes because vaping is not “identical” to smoking, it is true that vaping may be similar to smoking but it is still a slightly different experience than using traditional tobacco based products. Vaping really comes in to its own in terms of the health benefits. In addition there are other advantages in terms of the range of products, flavours, and the amount of customisation you can apply when using vaping as a means of nicotine absorption. You can control the strength of your vape and the amount of vapour you produce and that’s all before you try the multitude of different flavours available – from tobacco and menthol to fresh and fruity even to alcoholic based flavours. It really is the case that if you still are a smoker you are limiting your own experiences. One of e liquids many advantages is simply the staggering array of products available. Initially however when transitioning from smoking to vaping you need to ensure you get a good e-liquid that at least resembles the taste of smoking – for a list of cigarette brands and best tobacco e-liquid flavours see here.

Go Vape!

Hopefully upon reading this you are at least considering e cigarettes now for the taste, as well as for the health and monetary benefits vaping can provide. Finally as we are on the topic of senses the other thing you should consider is the smell burning tobacco gives off. It really does smell bad! Not only does vaping mean your breath and the lingering smell left on your fingers disappears, this also applies to fabrics such as your clothes and your home. Vaping also removes any fire hazard risk! There is no reason for any smoker to avoid the transition to vaping – it is a better cleaner more advanced alternative to smoking.

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