Great Value Mods + E Liquids from Pure e-Liquid

Need a supplier in the UK with fast delivery and a wide range of flavours? Pure have a massive range of Vaping Mods, E Liquid Flavours and tanks/batteries. For a more focused range of e-cigs, vaporizers and shisha Pens, PEL have a selected a range of the best vape mods available.

The Mods

Pure e-Liquid also have a carefully selected range of the best quality mods, accessories, and tanks. They also have some of the best cloud chasing equipment available and in stock. For example the Smok Alien which is currently one of the top sub Ohm vape mods currently available which comes with 2 spare coils.

Pure e-Liquid state that for every product on their website, they have rejected 3 others. This is due to the fact they only want to stock the best products, they test everything themselves, and send a lot of stock out to independent vape enthusiasts for unbiased opinions on kit. Only then will they decide to sell it.

They also have a large array of batteries available, for vape enthusiasts the stock range is a dream come true, for me Pure e-Liquid is the go to place for vaping.

The E Liquid

Fast delivery and low prices are all good but how good is the flavour and vape quality? ┬áThe flavour we tested was Blueberry Ice Cream Flavour – to be fair the taste is as you’d expect, really tasty, with really good vapour production. I am unsure on the PG/VG Ratio but I would guess its about 60% PG 40% VG as the flavour is good, and the vapour production is medium.

How does the E Liquid quality from Pure e-Liquid stack up? Well they sure have a lot of flavours, they also specialise in 100% VG organic e liquid. More of that later for now lets talk about the quality.  The website states:

“Our E-liquid has been extensively tested for safety and quality; at Pure e-Liquid we only offer our customers the best.”


Also take a look at Pure Liquids for tested, safe gourmet e-juice. PEL specialise in offering pure quality tested e-liquids with all ingredients fully listed. Don’t take Risks!

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