Cigalikes suck! V2 Cigalikes? Not so much


We have never been a fan of Cigalikes here at quality e cigs. We generally thought they are an “ok” aid to stop smoking, but never really cut it. Personally I was never able to quit before I got my Pro 3 vape pen, that was a few years ago and best e cig technology has advanced significantly. That being said the V2 Cigalike is a piece of genius.

The battery and cartridges are not only a higher specification, 4.2 Volts for example rather than the standard 3.7 Volts, which means an all day vape and more importantly vapour production that actually feels like smoking. V2 have now over 2 million customers worldwide so they are doing something right.

V2 have done a promo video we have dug up, it sums the product up really well, it is also a little different so is worth watching if you like a laugh. We will leave the talking to “Chuck Wolfgang” on this one.

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