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Editors note: VSAVI ECO-vape has been introduced to offer ECOpure vapers a new range of 100% Pure VG e-Liquids – now with sweet and fruity shisha flavours and all organic!

VSAVI should prove to be the safest PG and 100% VG eliquids out there. Currently they manufacture clean VG eLiquid but Vype’s vPure and the VSAVI range follow ECOpure’s main selling point – simple, clean medical grade ingredients. Today we are taking an in depth look at VSAVI (re-branded from ECOpure) e-liquid. VSAVI ECOpure e liquid set itself apart from the competition in several ways. One of which is that it is 100% clean tested VG e-liquid. The purity of the liquid was tested at Manchester University’s state of the art bio-science laboratory.

ECOpure has now been withdrawn but the new VSAVI ECOvape organic pure VG e-liquid has been introduced to replace it and goes through the same rigorous testing

VSAVI VG e-liquids live up to their reputation as well, they only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients. True top quality gourmet e-liquids. What’s more is all ingredients are sourced from within the EU and every batch is tested to give complete confidence in what you are buying. It is also made right here in EU/UK labs and that does reassure me on the health side of things.

At a price point of £14.49 for 30ml it is also a premium price. But here at Quality E Cigs we firmly believe that if you are switching to E-Cigs from regular cigarettes it’s well worth paying the price for a premium e liquid so that you know it is pure clean and tested, and your never going to notice the price difference in liquid after paying up to £9 or £10 for a pack of 20 regular cigarettes!

Around 75% of people have no idea what is in their e-liquid, and of the remaining 25%, I highly doubt any actually “know” what’s in them. Did you know a lot of companies batch test their E-Liquid, and then use the same batch test report for every subsequent batch. We believe this is totally wrong.  Often the ingredients listed are generally vague at best. It’s really worth giving ECOpure credit here for the fantastic job they have done in producing only the highest quality tested E liquid.

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The Taste

VSAVI ECOpure comes in with a very limited range of flavours – only three! and as such is aimed at smokers looking for tobacco equivalent e-liquid – ie. not shisha or fruity taste seekers. Flavours are Rich, Regular and Menthol. The range of flavours is extremely limited due to the fact they want to keep things as simple and pure as possible. That being said, as they have menthol I would prefer it if they branched out to a few more flavours. I am sure they could produce a pure version of Vanilla!

….The new Vsavi ECOvape range has now updated their range to include pure VG range of flavours!!

I have tried most of them and my absolute favourite is Pure Virginia. Its like their Regular tobacco but it packs more punch. The intake was satisfying with a definite throat hit. The plumes of smoke or vapour produced was good, nice and thick. If I was trying to make the transition to E-Cigs from smoking for the first time I feel this would be a great substitute. Overall I like the taste.

Another thing to note is that this liquid uses vegetable glycerin as opposed to propylene glycol, some manufacturers mix both. The main difference being VG produces a more thicker smoke (which I like) but perhaps delivers a slightly weaker throat hit. Using a slightly higher nicotine concentration will compensate for this.

The new VSAVI ECOvape e-liquid range.

For more of a range of flavours see our premium grade Platinum e-liquid review here.

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