Our Best E Cig Review

Our Best E Cigarette for 2019

To come up with our definitive answer for the best e-cigarette available today, we’ve had a lot to consider in our e cigarette reviews. We compare the best of the best in the e cig category which includes the best Vape Pen or vaporizer, Shisha pen, Vapour Cigs and Mini tanks.

We understand time is important so at Quality E Cigs we do not feel it necessary to present the viewer with 10 or or more vape pen or e cigarette reviews, we present to you here only our summary which includes the best practical vape pens & e cigs available on the market for 2019. Why have the “Top 10 e cigarettes” reviews. No one would ever buy the 9th best e cigarette in any event. Quality information not quantity!

E-Cigs have changed massively since the first iterations which produced barely a wisp of vapour and didn’t last nearly long enough, and really just did not deliver a satisfaction level anywhere near enough to really want to continue using them. Importantly e cig reliability has improved with some of the major manufacturers, the first E-cigarette/Shisha pens were very unreliable. However e-cig companies seem to have come to a bit of a stand still regarding innovation with most companies offering almost the same “type” of product…..Until Now!

Times have changed you can now get a proper first-rate e-cig which delivers a really satisfying vape smoke, big throat hit and substantial vapour production. Plus the best vape pen all in one design means no maintenance whatsoever from the user, no mess, no leaking e-liquids (though there are plenty of high maintenance options out there for enthusiasts!)

Vape Mods are bigger and better right?

Sure the Mod style vaporizers do produce on average more vapour still than your average small e cigarette, however they are bigger, cumbersome, rely on multiple parts such as atomizer/cartomiser body, atomizer head, atomizer cones that will need replacing and cleaning. The best e cigarette will perform as well as your your average mod! That’s not to say all E-Cigs are necessarily better, it is down to preference and what you end up buying – some people simply want something they can vape and throw away afterwards, others prefer rechargeable small cigarette sized vape pens. You need to get your nicotine hit right, and this can be done with a mod using say 0.3 mg nicotine strength or a smaller e cigarette using 12 or 18 mg nicotine strength. Both will give you the right nicotine absorption levels.

For the ultimate vaping e cigarette and no nonsense vaping experience the V2 Ex-Series is head and shoulders above the competition in all aspects, innovation, design, build quality, reliability, style, battery life and vapour production. A good e-pen in second place is the JacVapour V1P – we believe users new to vapour cigs or E-Cigs should stick to these simpler, all in one E-Cigs and stick with using a cartomizer…. initially, there is less mess, they are smaller, neater, tidier. Once established as a “vaper” then by all means experiment with tanks, vaporizers and e-liquids – see the V2 Pro Vaporizer review.

Best E Cigarette UK Reviews

Go no further than the best 2 E-Cigs on the market, we have scoured the market to find definitively the best vape pen e-cigs available.

Winner: V2 EX-Series

Without a shadow of a doubt the best starter kit for E-cigs we have found to date is the V2 EX series.

Visit the V2 site

The EX Series from V2 has a stunning new design, including Carbon Fibre, Brushed Steel, Scarlet Metallic, Bloom and my personal favourite the card/poker themed Royale EX!

finest e cigarette - V2 Ex-series

What makes this Quality E-Cig so perfect? Well firstly it addresses every issue I have had previously with smaller E-Cigs. Firstly the battery life and vapour production is second to none, the EX operates at a standard of 300 puffs per charge. Easily a equivalent to a pack of cigs.  Secondly with most E-Cig carts you cant tell how much e-juice is in them. The EX-Cart (refill) designed to be used in this device has a clear window so you can clearly see how much e-juice you have in there. This coupled with the sleek design makes it a very cool E-Cig.

Performance vapour pen.

The EX Series performs extremely well, with a cartomizer it fits in my pocket snugly, it produces far more vapour than the competition, this is probably down to the staggering 4.2V battery and innovative cart design containing only e-liquid.Best e-cig UK, the Ex-Series vape pen kit

The Ex-Cart contains only e liquid where the competition refills contain a material filler, like a wick or cotton which holds the absorbed e liquid. This reflects the modern technology used by V2. So although each Ex-Carts is slightly more expensive they actually work out cheaper when you consider how many puffs they deliver: each V2 EX is equivalent to around 25-35 cigarettes where the competition are generally equivalent to 10-20 cigarettes. (many boast much higher numbers but under proper testing these numbers are simply wrong)

The consistency of vapour is absolute, from the first puff to the last you get that consistent performance and what’s more for those starting out there is no easier device to use.  No cleaning, no refilling no burnt taste just charge, smoke, and that’s it. When your Cartomizer runs out just pop a new one on in less than 3 seconds and puff away again. The cart is revolutionary and unique to the V2 brand.

The Ex-series is new modern design technology, a first-rate quality e cigarette and it leaves the competition behind.

If you prefer even smaller outstanding e cigs check out the V2 Classic range of starter kits, they don’t include some of the options such as LEDS to check charge but the quality is still amazing here

best e-cigarette batteries

Visit the V2 site


Second Place – JacVapour V1P  Vape Review

The JacVapour V1P vape is worth second place, it isn’t leagues apart from the rest of the market, but for what you get there isn’t a more satisfying E-Cig we can find apart from the V2, and especially as its definitely one of the best vape pen kits you can get on the market today. For anybody new to vaping it does the job. ItVIP - best quality e-pens & e cigarettes, best e cig uk comes with 2 batteries, one long one short, the only difference being battery life.

Easy To Use

You also get a nice charging case with it, its a good build quality and a suitable size for carrying round. You will never be caught short, out of battery looking for a local garage to by a 10 pack of regular cigs with this.

The JacVapour V1P utilizes classic “cartomizers” which simply screw on, you can smoke them until they are depleted and throw them away. You can actually refill them to save money too but with the saving made by switching from normal cigs is there really any need? Plus while switching to E-Cigs the easier the the better. The V1P really makes this as easy as possible.

Smoke production, Battery life, Flavour

The smoke production is good for an E-Cig, definitely still way better than most vape pens, and really have you ever smoked 2 cigs at once to produce more smoke? The V1P vape pen delivers and is a first-rate e cig option after the V2 Ex-Series range.

The battery life is a bit short on the smaller battery, but the larger one is very good. Definitely a premium e cig product, the short battery should be used as a spare, they both slip easily into your pocket.

The flavour is good, although for the moment for the V1P Cartomizers there is only tobacco, mint, menthol, vanilla, cherry and cappuccino flavours. They do stick to the more standard flavours and that is fine with us.


The Jac Vapour V1P is an ideal vape starter kit for anybody looking to start on E-Cigs. It does not deserve the crown V2 Ex-Series has which really is just a superior e cigarette in a class of its own, however if you are just starting out then this would be our second choice vaping option, it is definitely in a class above the many standard imported E-Cigs offered by most vaping e-cig brands.


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