Best Vape Review, The V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

The V2 Pro Series 3 is more than just a good E-Cig. It is the best vaporizer out there. Sites like Gizmodo and T3 highlight the Pro 3 and it always features in the best vape pen reviews. Latest tech. design ensures the best vape available and no leaks! We will discuss this 3-in-1 piece of kit I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on. In this vaporizer review we’ll also have a look at battery life, ease of use, vapour production and everything else that matters in a good vape pen.

Why is the V2 Pro the best vape pen?

The V2 Pro is all new modern tech., E-Cigs already exist, so do vaporizers but nothing has even come close to seamlessly integrating one vape device this small that can:

  • Vaporize “dry herbs” or Loose Leaf Tobacco
  • Vaporize essential oils
  • Smoke normal E-Liquid

How Does It Work?

The V2 Pro comes with 3 cartridges, all with magnetic attachments, you simply drop in your attachment and it snaps firmly in place. This goes for the charger too. The charger is also a snap in magnetic mechanic that can also be used while charging. The three attachments consist of a standard E-Liquid vaping unit, a Loose leaf attachment, and the Essential oil attachment. The loose leaf and essential oil attachment are covered by the one component however you wouldn’t use it for both because either would contaminate the other. The new Pro 3X now comes with upgraded battery, ceramic sub ohm cartridges and increased coil versatility. V2 have also launched a ceramic sub ohm version of the e liquid cartridge which provides for significantly more vapour.

Pro 3X Upgrades

  • Compatibility with the existing V2 Pro 3 and accessories
  • LED motion activated battery level indicator
  • Variable voltage temperature
  • Variable airflow
  • Cartridge includes VG e-liquid option compatible with sub ohm vaping
  • New interchangeable coil atomizers, use the same cartridge with 0.9 sub ohm, 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm coils
  • A ceramic “stove”; purer, cleaner vapour production anf flavour
  • Four separately designed mouthpieces for different vaping styles

Winner best Vape Pen UK: The pro 3X

The 3X has more options than the Pro 3 standard pen. With the range of variable resistance coils is is more configurable and through the use of sub ohm coils offers more vapour and taste and hence is more enjoyable. “V2 has moved with the times, and is now probably ahead of the times with the advent of the V2 Pro 7X and Pro 9 arriving in 2018”.

Let’s talk about standard vaping

Firstly and most importantly, the vaping quality of the V2 Pro is unparalleled in anything I’ve ever tried. My preference so far was the V2 Ex-Series especially for the new user so its fair to say I am a fan of V2, but for advanced users this is the one, it’s unreal. They are literally redefining vaping. Generally on an Ego there is a voltage setting to set the strength, on this product it automatically detects if an E-Liquid, Essential Oil, or Loose leaf Tobacco is in the E-Cig. It then sets the voltage to the optimum.

The smoke production is amazing, the taste is perfect, the throat hit is big and really does feel like you’re smoking a superior product – not just a good vape pen or vaporizer, it is vaping at its best.

Vaporizing Loose Leaf

The vaporizer chamber or “oven” works by heating up to a searing 180 Degrees C in less than 30 seconds, which seems incredible. I have tried many others, most take the best part of a minute or more, and deliver an inferior vape. We do not promote vaporizing Loose Leaf as a rule of thumb, but for somebody making the switch from normal cigs to E-Cigs, vaporising Loose Leaf on occasion would be ideal. Plus the fact you can literally just snap in the cartridge you want is a huge bonus. You will need to grind the “smoking material” prior to placing it in the oven.

Vaporizing Essential Oils

The attachment for this is not out yet, it is expected in September, and will come with a wax option, really can’t comment further on this because I haven’t tried it myself. However as this is the best E-Cig ever so far, more options can not be a bad thing.


The V2 Pro really stands head and shoulders above the competition, nothing even comes close. The absolute finesse of how it works, the magnetic system, the long battery life, everything just comes together in a well presented vaping product. The top of the range Pro 3X is a dream!

The V2 really stands out, if your friends vape, and they see yours, they will want one. “Vapour Envy?  You bet”.

You can purchase or find out more here

Best Vaporizer UK - V2 Pro Series 3, OCB Vap


In Europe The V2 Pro is marketed as the OCB VAP


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