Allen Carr’s “Easy Way To Stop Smoking” Book Review

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I was a 20-30 per day smoker for 11 years and I hated every puff, I also hated that I was willing to go hungry or beg strangers to get a cigarette. What’s more not only did smoking make me ill but it was killing me; I suffered a severe chest infection that nearly killed me at 20, and I suffered multiple strokes in my teens as a result of being both a smoker and taking hormonal birth control pills. In my time trying to quit smoking I had tried every tip and trick to cut down or quit cold-turkey, I had tried nicotine replacement therapy, e-cigarettes, support groups, drugs like Zyban, but nothing worked more than three months…and those three months were a constant battle not to buy a pack of cigarettes, depriving myself of something I didn’t even want, eating like a pig to keep my mouth busy, sleeping-in to avoid hour of torment without a smoke, and snapping at everyone.

I came across Easyway on a forum amongst a sea of positive reviews, I immediately thought ‘this is going to be the magic ticket!’ and bought a new copy of the book straight away. I got the book within a few days, initially I tried to put off reading the book – I’m not a huge reader, and I guess I was scared of giving-up smoking – I would read a few pages then decide I was bored, or I’d find myself sitting arguing with the book…sure I knew smoking was bad but it calmed me down, I need it to socialise, to break the boredom at work, to take a break between drinks on a night out, to use as a means of self-defense when walking alone at night…it took me a few weeks to finish the book. I agreed with everything that the book said and so I stopped smoking…

I managed three months before I broke-down and asked a work colleague for a cigarette, it had been a little easier than on previous attempts to quit, but it was still me trying to use willpower to fight the addiction – I wasn’t using the method correctly! I knew the method worked, it made too much sense for it not to work! Over the following year I continued to smoke but at the same time suggested this book to friends; FIVE people quit smoking with this book after I recommended it to them, why not me?! I didn’t follow the method correctly, chances are it was because I’m not a big fan of reading and just found myself sitting arguing with the book was why it didn’t work for me. I tried re-reading the book and getting a PC disk with software guiding you through the course, I knew was missing something but at the same time I knew I was on the right track!

I signed up for an Easyway Clinic, it was expensive however it was about the cost of two months worth of cigarettes and they offered a full money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose. The clinic took two hours, they went through exactly what they did in the book and I was able to argue back with the advisor…the thing is he didn’t say anything I didn’t already know myself, I felt like he hadn’t really given me anything new at all. During the whole clinic you were still allowed to smoke, we had regular cigarette breaks and we happily chain-smoked every 30 minutes. At the end of the clinic we were asked to throw our cigarettes into a bin bag, I did so knowing fine well that I was just going to buy more on my way home…

…I never bought another pack of cigarettes.

I’ve been a non-smoker for 7 years now and I have never once wanted to smoke again; no cravings, no withdrawal, no moodiness, no depriving myself, no struggle with willpower or replacing cigarettes with food or some other distraction for my mouth or hands. It’s not that I’m an ex-smoker either, it’s like I was never a smoker to begin with. I look at people smoking and I am completely baffled by it, I just can’t get my head around the idea of lighting up a cigarette and putting it in my mouth to suck on. The whole idea of smoking seems so foreign to me now, I just can’t remember how to smoke or why I’d even want to. It drives me insane seeing smokers going through hell trying to quit with willpower methods, when I know this method is so easy!

Not meaning to break any illusions here, but Easyway works by tackling the mental addiction – if you don’t want to quit and if you don’t follow this method then it won’t work. I can assure you those who give this book a bad review have found it hasn’t worked because they haven’t followed the method, I see them saying; it’s just saying what you know already, it just keeps repeating the same thing, it just keeps talking about the method but never explains the method, smoking is a chemical addiction so this book won’t help you – trust me when I say these people have missed the entire point of the book.

I can honestly say this book saved my life, and gave me back my freedom, I really can’t express how much I appreciate and love Allen Carr for what he has done. I’ll even let you in on a secret, when I have spare cash I buy copies of this book and leave it in doctors offices. PLEASE I beg you buy this book, or even try the clinic. THIS METHOD WORKS.


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