5 Reasons the Starter Kit is the Best Vaporizer

Holding a starter v2 e-cigarette starter kit If you’ve recently decided to stop smoking and start vaping then it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be wondering which starter kit is best for you. With what seems like an unending choice of vaporizers in all manner of shapes and sizes, what’s right for you? Let’s take a look at five reasons the starter kit is the best vaporizer.

1. Everything You Need to Start Vaping

One of the best things about e-cig starter kits is that they contain everything you need to start vaping. For instance, Vapour2’s Starter Pack includes a standard automatic e-cig battery, an express USB charger to recharge your battery whenever you need more power and your choice of 6 flavoured e-liquid cartridges.

From the traditional taste of blended Virginian tobacco and ice-cool menthol to sweet cherry and bitter coffee – you’ll be able to try an assortment of flavoured e-liquid before deciding on a few favourites to assist you moving forward in your vaping adventure. Quick, easy and fuss-free, with a quick charge of your battery you’ll be able to start vaping almost immediately.

2. Make an Easy Transition from Smoking to Vaping

Stopping smoking doesn’t need to be the headache that many before you have faced. E-cigarette starter kits are designed to provide you with the swift transition from smoker to vaper by simulating the smoking experience you may be familiar with. Starter kits that include prefilled e-liquid cartridges will simply need to be screwed to the end of a fully charged battery and just as quick as you might light a cigarette – you can start vaping and get the nicotine you need to help you stop smoking.

3. E-Cigs are Affordable

If you’ve seen the cost of some vaporizers and box mods, you’d be easily forgiven for thinking that getting into vaping is going to be an expensive game. Far from it, friends, as Vapour 2’s starter kit that includes 6 e-liquid cartridges cost’s a mere £19.99.

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With each cartridge roughly the equivalent to a pack of 20 cigarettes, money is already being saved. Replacement cartridges will cost between £10.75 for a pack of 5 and £128.95 for a multipack of 80 cartridges. Should you be looking to save even more money, buying blank cartridges (3xpack £14.99) and bottles of premium e-liquid (£27.45 for 50ml) will be your best bet. With each blank cartridge storing up to 0.9ml of e-liquid, you’ll soon be saving some serious pennies and cutting down on packaging will help to save the environment too!

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4. The Discreet Way to Vape

Due to their similarity to traditional cigarettes, the shape and size of an e-cigarette mean that they are one of the best devices for vaping discreetly. There’ll be no need to unpack a carry case the size of a small toolkit containing an array of e-liquids and accessories – simply store in a small and portable case in a safe place on your person and vape as and when you need.

5. The Safe Way to Vape

You may have heard that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking the tobacco cigarettes you may be used to, and that vaping has the potential to help you stop smoking and become smoke-free? Great news, however, it’s important to note that this information doesn’t necessarily mean that all vaporizers are 95% less harmful. No, no.

Independent research published by Public Health England in 2015 is based on 1st and 2nd generation e-cigarette technologies. This is the kind of tech that features in devices like the e-cigs and cigalikes found in starter kits, as opposed to the higher heat that e-liquid may be subjected to in a powerful vape pen or sub-ohm mod box. Less power provides less heat to your e-liquid, which means fewer carcinogens released when you vape. This means that e-cig starter kits are not only affordable, discreet and provide you with all the equipment you need to start vaping – but they are also one of the safest ways to vape too.

Even for those who may be merrily vaping a mod box like all your best mates are, in your haste to stay up to date with the latest in vaping tech, it’s feasible that you may have overlooked the basic e-cigarette starter kit as the best vaporizer. If you’ve skipped straight a high powered box mod and are yet experienced the benefits of a simple fuss-free device, then why not buy a starter kit today?

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