New Year, New Vaping Gear

If you’re already vaping, you’re having a better start to the year than some. As Woman Vapingwe reach the conclusion of another year here on planet earth, the time to take stock and ponder on the year that presents itself to us yet again. A timely reminder to remember the goals we set at the beginning of the year, as well as wishing for what we would like in the year to come. Whether you’d like to be healthier, wealthier, or wiser the New Year gives us a fresh starting block to launch from with renewed fervour and enthusiasm. If the past year has involved you ditching some questionable smoking habits and switching to the less harmful form of e-cigarettes to help you become smoke-free, then the New Year may be a good time to pick up some new equipment and replenish your stock of e-liquid.


Vaping Equipment Upgrade

Starter Packs are often the best and most affordable introduction to vaping and the accompanying prefilled cartridges are a straightforward, hassle-free way to get your fix of nicotine. However, these introductory e-cigarette items are not always the most environmentally friendly form of vaping and in the long run may not be as an affordable option as other devices and set-ups available on the market.

Upgrading your devices set up does not need to be a costly exercise. If you have purchased a starter pack the likelihood is that you’ll be able to continue to use the bulk of accessories that came with pack initially such as the rechargeable battery and USB charger. In order to cut your costs down and take more control of your vaping, you’ll be able to buy compatible blank e-liquid cartridges with which you’ll be able to manually top-up your e-liquid as you see fit.

If you have little cash to splash this January, why not completely upgrade your starter device to the substantial power of a sub-ohm vaporizer such as the Vapour2 Pro Series Vaporizer? Offering a longer lasting battery and an overall larger e-liquid cartridge, Pro Series Vaporizers produce a thicker vapour, larger vape clouds and a consistently flavourful vaping experience.


Try Vaping New Flavours

Try something new this January and switch up your e-liquid flavours. Creatures of habit, it’s easy enough for us to get lulled into a false sense of security, content that what we know, and what we’re used to, is ‘best’.

You might not know it, but if you’ve been using the same flavour over and over again, you may not be getting the same vaping experience that you enjoyed at the beginning. Whilst the taste buds on our tongue, of course, play their part, it is, in fact, our olfactory sensors in our nose that are more likely to be affected by vaping and subsequently become over saturated with the same flavours. If you’re a frequent vaper, we would always recommend having a go-to choice of three or four flavours to cover the basic set of tastes that your olfactory sensors detect – sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Purchase a 6x10ml sample pack of e-liquids to experiment with flavours and find your favourites to move into the year ahead with.


Top Tip: Stock Up and Save Money in the January Sales

Eager to save some money? Keep a keen eye online for the annual January sale and pick up your favourite products at a fraction of the cost.