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What is a Pod Vape System?

With the ever-growing interest in vaping there has been a deluge of products brought to market by top vendors to make the experience as plug and play as possible for people looking to get into vaping or those simply looking for a more streamlined approach to maintaining their device.

The beauty of these systems being that once your coil is burned out, you simply pop out ‘the pod’ and pop a new one in, with no need to strip down a tank clean it and put it back together again, it’s a simple plug and play device. There are three main variations to consider:

    • Pre-filled cartridge devices that are replaced the moment the liquid in the cartridge is used up
    • Refillable all in one pods that have the coil pre-installed and allow the user to use their liquid of choice
    • Pod systems that allow you to replace the coil that, again, allow you to use your own liquid however are equably less wasteful given you’re not discarding the entire pod when it’s time to change.

With that said (and with so many devices being launched) there are drawbacks associated. Commonly they have reduced battery life, a trade-off for their pocketable form factor and the vapour production can be limited by their lower wattage offerings, though a lower wattage does serve to help extend battery life.

However, we’ve been around the block and tried a fair few devices to recommend you, our valued customers, several of our favourites to ensure that you find a pod system that is right for your needs.
Each of the devices we’ve handpicked are superb options in their own right so by no means consider this list a best for worst but more a different horse for a different course.

Vype ePod

As wonderful as the Juul is, it’s growing long in the tooth and with it only just migrating to Europe it’s come arguably too late. There are several direct competitors already on the market and the Vype ePod stands paramount in how far the market has innovated in this sector in this sector. Offering All the convenience, just as readily available only with a better feature set, better flavour and longer battery life. It’s like the Juul, just better!

Notable Features

  • Autodraw
  • 350mAh
  • 1.9ml pod
  • Magnetic charge cable (usb)
  • Plastic construction
  • Lightweight
  • 5 flavours 18/12/6/3mg pods

Click here for more information, or to purchase the Vype ePod

Orion Q

We would be remiss to overlook this device in particular, ever since its older brothers release during the summer of 2018 it has set the mould for several re-imaginings by Lost Vape’s competitors and it’s easy to understand why; the device itself is a wonderful thing to behold and even better to in the hand. composed of premium stainless steel, carbon fibre scales and a food-grade pod pc-110 pod segment. It casts a charming silhouette reminiscent of an early walkman only it’s the size of a cassette tape.

Scratch the service to find a 17w max output a 950 mAH battery and adjustable airflow nestled below a proper driptip.
With dimensions of 93mm by 37mm by 13.5mm it slips neatly in the pocket making it ideal for day to day use. There are many imitations of this device but at just £35, if you’re looking for something that exudes elegance, get the original.

Orion Q Notable features

  • 950mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 17W
  • 2mL Refillable Pod Cartridge
  • Achingly beautiful

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Innokin DV

The Innokin dv brings to the table options, want to auto draw? You can do that. Want a fire button? Have that too. Want to change your wattage from 12 to 15 watts? Innokin said have it; and while they were at it they threw in mesh coils as well as 2.8ml liquid capacity into this quality little pod system that reminds us of a car key.

Innokin DV Notable features

  • 500 mAh battery
  • Fire button/ activation draw
  • 2.8ml Refillable pod cartridge
  • Wattage control 12/13/14/15w
  • 3d mesh coil
  • Quality construction

Click here to purchase the Innokin DV Pod Kit here. 

Aspire Cobble AIO

A tiny and ergonomic little gem, that’s as light in the hand as it is on the pocket. At less than the cost of a coffee extra than the Juul you are rewarded with a far more enjoyable vaping experience. Operating on an auto draw (meaning the moment you pull on the mouthpiece it starts firing)allows for this pebble to nestle neatly in the hand for discreet vaping with airflow smoother than one would presume at first glance. For its size, a 700mAh battery is truly admirable with many people reporting it lasting a couple of days from a single charge! construction of this device is largely plastic, make no mistake however the build quality is top-notch and means you’ll barely notice it in the pocket with it being so light.[link]

Aspire Cobble Notable features

  • Ergonomic design
  • 700mAh battery
  • 1.8ml capacity
  • 1.4ohm coil
  • 5 colour-ways
  • Tiny/slim
  • Autodraw (mouth pull draw)

You can purchase the Aspire Cobble here

Smok Nord

The Smok Nord is truly a remarkable device, having been released in late 2018 it bucks many of the cons commonly associated with pod kits due in large part to its 1100 mAh battery and mesh coil pre-installed allowing for cloud and flavour production not commonly associated with its peers. Not forgetting a 10-hour battery life that will see through even the heaviest vapers through the day.
Resulting in a vape that is seeing adoration from both beginners and veterans of vaping. [link]

Notable features
Huge flavour
3ml tank
Mesh coil head
Available in several colour options
Massive Battery 1100mAh

Pure-ELiquids have the Smok Nord available now.