How Vape Pods Are Actually Just Vape Pens

There’s no doubt about it. If you’re new to vaping or are curious about quitting cigarettes and replacing them with a less harmful alternative, then the plethora of products available to you will likely feel like a confusing landscape, in which to navigate your way through.

To provide you with all you need to know about vaping products, let’s take a look at how vape pods are actually just vape pens in disguise.

The Evolution of the Vaporiser

Since their introduction to the mass market earlier this century, e-cigarettes and vaporisers have undergone quite the transition. Similarly to other electronic items, the technology used to power vaporiser devices continues to evolve at an exponential rate.

Much like the mobile phone, the technology and components used for vaporisers and e-cigarettes continue to get smaller and mightier. Enabling manufacturers to make the according adjustments to the size and power capabilities of their products, shapes of devices will vary significantly to suit a variety of customer preferences. Depending on if you want to vape discreetly or make a big deal out of the size of your vapour cloud, it is almost inevitable that there’s a device out there for you.

The Different Types of Vaporisers Available

While it may seem like there are a million and one different devices to choose from, the reality is that these are split into just a few categories. The most basic and affordable option is the standard e-cigarette. Affordable and easy to use, these low powered first and second-generation devices are up to 95% less harmful than smoking according to Public Health England.

Then there are the high-powered box mod vapes. Ideal for making substantial vapour clouds for cloud chasing, box mods are commonly used by experienced vapers looking to tailor their vaping experience via. a range of options offered on the device – be it airflow or the output of power.

Traditionally sat somewhere between the low powered e-cig and high-powered box mod has been the vape pen. Providing more power than the e-cig, vape pens have been the go-to for vapers looking for a great tasting vape and throat hit not dissimilar to the experience of smoking a cigarette. Until, enter the fray, ‘the vape pod’.

What is a Vape Pod?

Popularised by US-based vaping company JUUL, vape pods are the latest evolution in vaping devices. At first glance, the shape and size may seem like something new, but when you get down to the details, vape pods are just vape pens, albeit an updated version. Vape pods combine the technology of powerful devices like box mods with the sleek, slender and discreet design of a vape pen.

Where a vape pen might use a tank or cartridge filled with e-juice, vape pods use, ahem… a pod, the principle is the same and is just a case of some re-shaping to provide an altogether optimised vaping experience. Pods can either be refilled or bought as pre-filled disposable items depending on your chosen devices compatibility. Just like the pre-filled cartridges that you might have once attached to the end of your vape pen or e-cig battery, pre-filled pods are a fuss-free and easy way to vape on the go.

Why Buy a Vape Pod?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to stop smoking and switch to vaping, then pods are the way forward. While vaping attempts to mimic smoking and reduce the potential harm, a common criticism is that the overall experience doesn’t quite emulate the ‘throat hit’ that smokers tend to enjoy.

Compared with the e-cigs and vape pen devices that preceded the pod, increased battery capacity and advanced technology mean that you’ll not only produce more vapour, but you’ll get to enjoy improved flavours as well as a wholly satisfying throat hit.

If you’re a smoker and prefer the light-to-mild variety of tobacco, then there’s a good chance that the throat hit is something you’re not necessarily seeking. If this is the case, then opting for a traditional e-cigarette will be the one for you.

Remember, the purpose of these devices are to help you to quit cigarettes and reduce the potential harm you cause to your body every time you light-up. The design of devices will change like fashion, but the preventative nature of vaping will remain the same.

Top Tip for Vape Pod Owners

Our number one piece of advice.

Buy E-Liquid in Bulk and Save Some Serious Money

Compared with smoking, if you’re using a vape pod or a vape pen, then the good news is that you’ll already be saving yourself a pretty penny. If you’re keen on maximising the amount of money you save, then buying your e-liquid, pre-filled pods, or cartridges in bulk will go a long way.

If you’re just starting to vape and are not so willing to part with cash for a bulk order of e-juice you might not even like, then buying a Vapour2 Starter Kit is an excellent way to test the water. The great introductory package includes a standard e-cigarette, together with a selection of flavoured prefilled cartridges for you to try and decide what your favourite will be. Once you’ve found your preferred flavours, buy in bulk and save away!