The Best CBD Vape Pen for 2019: Which CBD vape kit is right for you?

The Best CBD Vape Pen for 2019: Best CBD Vape UK

Does CBD vaping provide relief for pain anxiety and other health conditions?

People in the UK are increasingly using CBD e-liquid. They find it to be a natural and effective way to reduce anxiety and ease pain.

If you are interested in trying these products for yourself you will find our CBD vape oil reviews to be helpful. Using them will enable you to narrow down your options and buy the ones that are best for you. We explain how to make sure you buy pharmaceutical-grade CBD that has been made in laboratories without the addition of other substances.

However, buying the best CBD e liquids is not enough. You need to invest in a good quality vape pen or kit to be able to get the most out of the e-liquids you buy. This is the case whether you can manage with the lower strength oils or need to use the stronger ones.

The device you use has to be safe. To help you to buy the best one for you, we have put together this 2019 UK CBD vape pen guide.

What is the best CBD vape pen available to UK vapers?

Below, we provide you with in-depth reviews of the 3 best CBD vape pens in the UK.
But, before we go into detail about those we first want to explain how vape pens work. This will help you to identify a good-quality one and understand how to use it properly. Basically, the vapour is released when the oil comes into contact with the heating element in the device.

When it comes to vaping the temperature of the coil is critically important. If the oil is not heated enough the CBD will not be released properly and not enough vapour will be created.

But, if the oil or e-liquid is heated too much, harmful compounds can be released into the vapour you are inhaling. For example, from the metals and other materials, the pen is made from.

So, you need to choose a pen that maintains stable temperatures. It also needs to be made from durable, stable and inert materials.

Does your CBD vape pen meet UK standards?

Currently, in the UK, all vaping devices that are sold for the consumption of nicotine have to undergo rigorous emissions testing, which is known as TPD testing. CBD vaping pens, kits and e liquids that are sold in the UK do not always undergo TPD testing.

In theory, some of them will have undergone this TPD testing. But, in reality, this does not appear to be happening much.
Many of the large manufacturers and retailers do not state that the vape pens they sell for use with CBD products are tested to UK emission standards. We believe that if they had carried out that type of testing they would advertise that fact. After all, that would make their products more attractive to potential buyers. The fact they do not state their products have been tested to UK TPD emissions standards means you should assume they have not.

Why you need a CBD vape pen that is TPD compliant

There is no doubt most manufacturer’s vaping devices work. They produce the vapour and you get the CBD hit. The problem is that when you inhale CBD using a vape pen that is not regulated and has not been tested, you have no way of knowing what you are actually inhaling. Potentially, you could be inhaling dangerous substances.
Fortunately, there is a relatively simple solution, which is to buy your CBD vape kit from a reputable e-cigarette manufacturer. That way you will know that you will be using a vaping kit that has been properly tested.

What is TPD standard vaping equipment tested for?

TPD compliant vape pens and vaporizers are tested for emissions of several compounds and emissions that are potentially harmful such as:

  • Aluminium
  • Chromium
  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Acrolein
  • Formaldehyde

Many labs test the levels of additional metals and compounds, not specified in the TPD regulations. This typically includes Mercury, Silicon, Lead, Argon and Copper.

Which of the above they are tested for depends in part on the composition of the pen. But, the thing to note is that vape pens that are sold for use with nicotine in the UK are tested. On the other hand, CBD vaping pens and kits do not have to be tested in this way. So, we recommend that you buy nicotine grade pens from manufacturers who have complied with the TPD regulations.

How to choose the right CBD vape pen for you

Now you know how to buy vaping equipment that has been tested for safety. All you have to do is to choose one that creates the vaping experience you are looking for.

Below are 3 vape pens and kits that are TPD compliant, available in the UK and suitable for use with CBD e liquids. We have tested and reviewed all three and summarised our findings below.

#1.The best UK CBD vape pen – Vsavi CBD Vape Pen

This vape pen is made by Vapour2 aka V2 in collaboration with Vsavi the UK CBD oils specialist. It is an amazing device. The expertise of the two companies has been combined to produce what we consider to the ultimate CBD vape kit.

It is not crazy expensive, is well made and fully TPD compliant. Here are some of the reasons we liked it so much:

  • Easy to use – good instructions are provided and it is intuitive to use
  • Great value for money – prices at below £30 for a full kit
  • Reliable
  • Charges fast – 2 to 3 hours gives you a full charge
  • Powerful – the tiny battery puts out 4.2 volts, so it produces plenty of vapour, which ensures a good level of CBD absorption
  • Refillable tank pen mini tank
  • Nice size – this pen is not much bigger than a standard cigarette
  • Feels good in the hand – its compact size and weight make it very comfortable to use
  • Easy to buy accessories – spare batteries and tanks are very easy to find and buy. They are not expensive
  • either.
  • Low risk of leaks – the way this pen is designed means that the chances of it leaking is minimal.
  • Good choice of colours
  • Able to vaporise wax concentrate.


This is a very high-quality vape pen that represents great value for money. It is discreet, simple and effective. It is definitely our number one choice for UK fans of CBD vaping.

You can find the VSAVI CBD Vape Kit here, including a bottle of full spectrum raw CBD vape oil. 

#2.The best CBD vaporizer for the UK – the V2 Vsavi Pro 3 vape pen kit

This vape pen offers a greater level of performance than the one we reviewed above. It has a larger battery and a bigger CBD refill tank.

This vaporizer is better for people who are quite a heavy CBD e-liquid users. That is to say, those people who have tried the lower concentrations and have found them not to be adequate for them. The V2 Pro 3 vape kit delivers high levels of CBD effectively.

The Pro 3 has been available for a few years now and has an excellent track record. Below is a summary of why I have included it on our list of top 3 UK CBD vaping pens:

  • Versatile – in this device, you can use e liquids, CBD oil, wax, concentrate and loose-leaf products. You just need to buy the relevant cartridge for the product you want to vape.
  • Great battery – all of the batteries used in V2 vape pens are compact, yet very powerful
  • UK and EU wall adapters available for the charger
  • Produces high volumes of vapour – the sub-ohm functionality of the Pro 3X CBD vaporizer makes this possible
  • Magnetic cartridge connection – you do not have to screw the cartridges in just drop them in and they are secure
  • 650 mAh battery capacity – plenty of power for vaping all day and night
  • Pass through vaping capability – provided you are connected, you can vape all-day
  • High capacity cartridges – takes up to 1.6ml of CBD e-liquid


This is a solid vaping device. It is versatile, neat, good-looking, easy to use and has excellent battery life. If you vape a lot this model is really worth looking at. The Pro 7 CBD vaporizer is also worth considering.

You can purchase the Vapour2 Pro 3 CBD Vape Pen here and view their range of CBD Vapourizers.

#3. A great alternative – the XEO VOID CBD vaporizer kit

This device is another one of Vsavi’s collaborations. Vsavi specialises in selling high quality, pure and organic CBD vape oils. To make sure users can enjoy their products properly they have taken the extra step of working with the best vaporizer manufacturers. Together they and XEO have come up with the VOID CBD vaporizer.
This vape pen works for all kinds of vaping fans. It works just as well for experienced CBD vapers as it does for total beginners. Here as some of the features we thought made it stand out from most of the other vape pens you can buy in the UK:

  • TPD compliant
  • Extremely powerful 1,500 mAh battery – lasts a day or two
  • German design and expertise
  • Childproof lock
  • 2ml tank
  • A low entry point cost of around £40
  • Integral CBD e-liquid tank – the tank is integrated into the pen itself so the only part you need to periodically replace is the coil
  • Airflow control – the internal spiral mouthpiece enables you to customise the resistance you feel when you inhale. But, beware the mouthpiece can get quite warm and the airflow control is a bit fiddly.
  • Two coils included – the kit comes with a 0.6 ohm (sub-ohm vaping) and a 1-ohm coil
  • Vape for a lower cost – the ability to create more vapour enables you to absorb more of the CBD. This most users will be able to use oils that contain lower concentrations of CBD, oils and e-liquids that are cheaper


We really like this pen. It costs a little more, but this is a CBD vaporizer that you can carry on using for many years.
We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best CBD vape pens for 2019 that are available in the UK. To conclude we will now answer a few more FAQs.

You can purchase the XEO Void here.

A word about warranty and after-sales from Vsavi

You will notice that all 3 of these pens are available from Vsavi. This is good news because Vsavi offers fantastic customer support. They also offer warranties of between 30 days and 6 months. Importantly, this is a no quibble guarantee.

How often will I need to vape CBD?

This depends on the level of your anxiety, pain, or personal preference. It is very personal. You will find your own level. The more frequently you vape the bigger the tank needs to be. You should also choose a vaporizer that has a powerful battery if you need to use the device more than a dozen times each day.

How much CBD do I need to absorb to get relief?

Again, this varies from person to person. However, regardless of how much CBD you need the best approach is to choose a pen that delivers the CBD effectively. All 3 of the devices reviewed above, do this.

Does the physical size of my CBD vape pen matter?

When considering what size to buy think about the weight and how big the unit is. The shape is also an important consideration. The VSAVI Vape Pen is a very small and lightweight piece of kit but still delivers a 4.2v punch, so in this regard, it does not matter.

I want to try vaping CBD in different formats, which vape pen is best for this?

Hands down, it is the Pro 3. You can vape your CBD in any form you choose. That includes wax, herb and e-liquid. You just need to buy the relevant cartridges to be able to do so.