SMOK Nord 2 Review: Better Than Best

Oh boy we’ve been waiting for this! The SMOK Nord 2, you can tell from the name that it is the follow-up version of the legendary SMOK Nord pod kit, which was the most popular pod system kit in 2018 and maintained high popularity throughout 2019. And, as SMOK has promised, Nord 2 has been fully improved. SMOK has taken all the bad things from the previous Nord and completely eradicated them. Based on Nord’s exceptional features, the Nord 2 adds more highlights: 0.69inch OLED screen, increased battery capacity to 1500mAh, charging display interface, adjustable wattage, and multiple protections.

What’s even better is the fact SMOK included both RPM coil and Nord coil pods, meaning you have so many more options for how you vape.

All of this seems very promising, so let’s take a look at it in more details. Could SMOK really upgrade an already nearly perfect refillable pod kit device? 


  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Pod capacity: 2.0 mL (EU Version)/4.5 mL
  • Output Power: 1 – 40W
  • Resistance: 0.3 – 3.0 Ohm
  • Size:95 x 30.5 x 20 mm
  • 0.69” OLED Screen

SMOK Nord 2 Pod Kit Contents:

  • Nord 2 pod kit device
  • Nord 2 RPM Pod (RPM Mesh 0.4 Ohm coil pre-installed)
  • Nord 2 Nord Pod (Nord DC 0.8 Ohm MTL coil pre-installed)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

The Look and Feel of the SMOK Nord 2

When it comes to looks, Nord 2 got it. It follows a very similar design to the original SMOK Nord Kit but rounded out all of the edges to give a sleek smooth look. The device is a little bit bulkier than the original Nord, but more in-depth rather than width. It is much smaller that the Smok Nord 4, which is some 40% larger.

One of the biggest additions that SMOK has made – added an OLED screen display for both your power and battery life. The size of the screen is 0.69-inch which is not big, but the brightness and clarity are both outstanding. That is really a nice upgrade.

The device is still controlled by the same button. I’ve been using original Nord for over a year, and although it was always one of my favourite pod kits, the button was simply driving me crazy. I am one of those vapers that don’t use the lock function (turn the device on/off). Button always kept pressing in my pocket that way activating the device. Oh boy, I’ve burnt so many coils that way… So after using Nord 2 for a while now, I am very happy to say that this is not happening anymore and the button is not pressing and device doesn’t get activated. That’s one big plus for me.

SMOK Nord 2 Battery Life

One of the main upgrades that Smok has implemented was a huge battery. Original Smok Nord already had an impressive 1100mAh, but Snok went even further and increased it to 1500mAh. Charging current was also improved to a fast-charging 1.2A, which means that that it only takes up to an hour to fully charge this massive 1500mAh battery. See the full Smok Nord 2 vs Nord 4 comparison

Using a regular nord pod at 12W battery lasts me 2-3 days. With RPM pod and higher wattage that would last less.

Using the SMOK Nord 2

SMOK Nord 2 is a button-triggered pod system device. It is so easy to use it, that even a complete beginner to vaping can use it without any trouble. 5 clicks turn the device on/off, while 3 clicks when the kit is on takes you to the power setting were each consecutive click increases the power by 1W to a max power output of 40W. That’s a lot for such a tiny device. 

It’s equipped with a nord 2 RPM pod for DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping and a regular nord pod for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping. Just select the pod and coil of your choice, slide the coil into the pod, fill with your favourite e-liquid and push the pod into the device. That’s it, you can now vape. 

Although when original Nord came out, I didn’t like the idea of the coil that doesn’t screw in and is just rather pushed into the pod. Although it was always super easy to change the coil, this was the main reason the original Nord kept slightly leaking all the time, though that didn’t bother me too much because it’s performance, vapour and flavour production compensated that small problem. And with Nord 2 they fixed it! So far no leaks!


Last Word on the SMOK Nord 2

I’m so satisfied with this device. It is a very simple to use pod system kit device with MTL and DTL capabilities. As always, SMOK did a very good job designing and building a quality device. 1st generation Nord was my favourite device, but now it went to my my old vape devices museum and Nord 2 took it’s place to be my everyday all-day vaping device. Highly recommended.