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We have never been a fan of Cigalikes here at quality e cigs. We generally thought they are an “ok” aid to stop smoking, but never really cut it. Personally I was never able to quit before I got my Pro 3 vape pen, that was a few years ago and best e cig technology has advanced significantly. That being said the V2 Cigalike is a piece of genius.

The battery and cartridges are not only a higher specification, 4.2 Volts for example rather than the standard 3.7 Volts, which means an all day vape and more importantly vapour production that actually feels like smoking. V2 have now over 2 million customers worldwide so they are doing something right.

V2 have done a promo video we have dug up, it sums the product up really well, it is also a little different so is worth watching if you like a laugh. We will leave the talking to “Chuck Wolfgang” on this one.

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The V2 Pro Series 3 is more than just a good E-Cig. It is the best vaporizer out there. Sites like Gizmodo and T3 highlight the Pro 3 and it always features in the best vape pen reviews. Latest tech. design ensures the best vape available and no leaks! We will discuss this 3-in-1 piece of kit I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on. In this vaporizer review we’ll also have a look at battery life, ease of use, vapour production and everything else that matters in a good vape pen.

Why is the V2 Pro the best vape pen?

The V2 Pro is all new modern tech., E-Cigs already exist, so do vaporizers but nothing has even come close to seamlessly integrating one vape device this small that can:

  • Vaporize “dry herbs” or Loose Leaf Tobacco
  • Vaporize essential oils
  • Smoke normal E-Liquid

How Does It Work?

The V2 Pro comes with 3 cartridges, all with magnetic attachments, you simply drop in your attachment and it snaps firmly in place. This goes for the charger too. The charger is also a snap in magnetic mechanic that can also be used while charging. The three attachments consist of a standard E-Liquid vaping unit, a Loose leaf attachment, and the Essential oil attachment. The loose leaf and essential oil attachment are covered by the one component however you wouldn’t use it for both because either would contaminate the other. The new Pro 3X now comes with upgraded battery, ceramic sub ohm cartridges and increased coil versatility. V2 have also launched a ceramic sub ohm version of the e liquid cartridge which provides for significantly more vapour.

Pro 3X Upgrades

  • Compatibility with the existing V2 Pro 3 and accessories
  • LED motion activated battery level indicator
  • Variable voltage temperature
  • Variable airflow
  • Cartridge includes VG e-liquid option compatible with sub ohm vaping
  • New interchangeable coil atomizers, use the same cartridge with 0.9 sub ohm, 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm coils
  • A ceramic “stove”; purer, cleaner vapour production anf flavour
  • Four separately designed mouthpieces for different vaping styles

Winner best Vape Pen UK: The pro 3X

The 3X has more options than the Pro 3 standard pen. With the range of variable resistance coils is is more configurable and through the use of sub ohm coils offers more vapour and taste and hence is more enjoyable. “V2 has moved with the times, and is now probably ahead of the times with the advent of the V2 Pro 7X and Pro 9 arriving in 2018”.

Let’s talk about standard vaping

Firstly and most importantly, the vaping quality of the V2 Pro is unparalleled in anything I’ve ever tried. My preference so far was the V2 Ex-Series especially for the new user so its fair to say I am a fan of V2, but for advanced users this is the one, it’s unreal. They are literally redefining vaping. Generally on an Ego there is a voltage setting to set the strength, on this product it automatically detects if an E-Liquid, Essential Oil, or Loose leaf Tobacco is in the E-Cig. It then sets the voltage to the optimum.

The smoke production is amazing, the taste is perfect, the throat hit is big and really does feel like you’re smoking a superior product – not just a good vape pen or vaporizer, it is vaping at its best.

Vaporizing Loose Leaf

The vaporizer chamber or “oven” works by heating up to a searing 180 Degrees C in less than 30 seconds, which seems incredible. I have tried many others, most take the best part of a minute or more, and deliver an inferior vape. We do not promote vaporizing Loose Leaf as a rule of thumb, but for somebody making the switch from normal cigs to E-Cigs, vaporising Loose Leaf on occasion would be ideal. Plus the fact you can literally just snap in the cartridge you want is a huge bonus. You will need to grind the “smoking material” prior to placing it in the oven.

Vaporizing Essential Oils

The attachment for this is not out yet, it is expected in September, and will come with a wax option, really can’t comment further on this because I haven’t tried it myself. However as this is the best E-Cig ever so far, more options can not be a bad thing.


The V2 Pro really stands head and shoulders above the competition, nothing even comes close. The absolute finesse of how it works, the magnetic system, the long battery life, everything just comes together in a well presented vaping product. The top of the range Pro 3X is a dream!

The V2 really stands out, if your friends vape, and they see yours, they will want one. “Vapour Envy?  You bet”.

You can purchase or find out more here

Best Vaporizer UK - V2 Pro Series 3, OCB Vap


In Europe The V2 Pro is marketed as the OCB VAP


Need a supplier in the UK with fast delivery and a wide range of flavours? Pure have a massive range of Vaping Mods, E Liquid Flavours and tanks/batteries. For a more focused range of e-cigs, vaporizers and shisha Pens, PEL have a selected a range of the best vape mods available.

The Mods

Pure e-Liquid also have a carefully selected range of the best quality mods, accessories, and tanks. They also have some of the best cloud chasing equipment available and in stock. For example the Smok Alien which is currently one of the top sub Ohm vape mods currently available which comes with 2 spare coils.

Pure e-Liquid state that for every product on their website, they have rejected 3 others. This is due to the fact they only want to stock the best products, they test everything themselves, and send a lot of stock out to independent vape enthusiasts for unbiased opinions on kit. Only then will they decide to sell it.

They also have a large array of batteries available, for vape enthusiasts the stock range is a dream come true, for me Pure e-Liquid is the go to place for vaping.

The E Liquid

Fast delivery and low prices are all good but how good is the flavour and vape quality?  The flavour we tested was Blueberry Ice Cream Flavour – to be fair the taste is as you’d expect, really tasty, with really good vapour production. I am unsure on the PG/VG Ratio but I would guess its about 60% PG 40% VG as the flavour is good, and the vapour production is medium.

How does the E Liquid quality from Pure e-Liquid stack up? Well they sure have a lot of flavours, they also specialise in 100% VG organic e liquid. More of that later for now lets talk about the quality.  The website states:

“Our E-liquid has been extensively tested for safety and quality; at Pure e-Liquid we only offer our customers the best.”


Also take a look at Pure Liquids for tested, safe gourmet e-juice. PEL specialise in offering pure quality tested e-liquids with all ingredients fully listed. Don’t take Risks!

best vaporizer uk 2018



One of the most common question asked by most smokers interested in switching to e-cigs is in regards to whether or not they taste anything like the real thing. Most manufacturers claim that their products are able to completely simulate the taste and sensation of tobacco, however as anyone who has vaped these tobacco flavoured liquids will explain, these claims are often far from the truth. So what is it about the taste of e cigarettes and the sensation from the vapour that makes real tobacco products so difficult to replicate?

Vaping is not Smoking

Although most vaping products – especially some of the earlier e-cigarette starter kits – have beensimply the best e cigarette juice flavour designed to look like cigarettes, the way that they function and the chemical reactions taking place differ substantially. Smoking tobacco involves combustion, the tobacco is burnt and this is what you’re tasting as you inhale. However e cigarettes function by heating or vaporizing e-liquid which contains propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerine, (commonly known to “cloud chasers” as VG e-liquid). Most e liquids contain a mixture of PG and VG e liquids which is vaporized to create a vapour which is then inhaled. There is no combustion so you don’t receive the taste of tobacco after it has been burned. Effectively you absorb the nicotine in the vapour and any taste you experience is down to the flavourings contained within the e-liquid. Manufacturers of e-liquid attempt to blend their liquids in such a way so that the taste you experience is as similar as possible to the smoking experience. The key is to ensure you get an e-liquid that tastes similar to the cigarette taste you are used to. Don’t forget it is the nicotine that causes the desire to smoke, both vaping and smoking provide different methods of absorbing nicotine. It makes more sense from a health perspective (and cost) to get this ‘hit’ of nicotine from vaping rather than from smoking.

Vaping, a Smoking Substitute

Some smokers may be put off vaping with electronic cigarettes because vaping is not “identical” to smoking, it is true that vaping may be similar to smoking but it is still a slightly different experience than using traditional tobacco based products. Vaping really comes in to its own in terms of the health benefits. In addition there are other advantages in terms of the range of products, flavours, and the amount of customisation you can apply when using vaping as a means of nicotine absorption. You can control the strength of your vape and the amount of vapour you produce and that’s all before you try the multitude of different flavours available – from tobacco and menthol to fresh and fruity even to alcoholic based flavours. It really is the case that if you still are a smoker you are limiting your own experiences. One of e liquids many advantages is simply the staggering array of products available. Initially however when transitioning from smoking to vaping you need to ensure you get a good e-liquid that at least resembles the taste of smoking – for a list of cigarette brands and best tobacco e-liquid flavours see here.

Go Vape!

Hopefully upon reading this you are at least considering e cigarettes now for the taste, as well as for the health and monetary benefits vaping can provide. Finally as we are on the topic of senses the other thing you should consider is the smell burning tobacco gives off. It really does smell bad! Not only does vaping mean your breath and the lingering smell left on your fingers disappears, this also applies to fabrics such as your clothes and your home. Vaping also removes any fire hazard risk! There is no reason for any smoker to avoid the transition to vaping – it is a better cleaner more advanced alternative to smoking.

Editors note: VSAVI ECO-vape has been introduced to offer ECOpure vapers a new range of 100% Pure VG e-Liquids – now with sweet and fruity shisha flavours and all organic!

VSAVI should prove to be the safest PG and 100% VG eliquids out there. Currently they manufacture clean VG eLiquid but Vype’s vPure and the VSAVI range follow ECOpure’s main selling point – simple, clean medical grade ingredients. Today we are taking an in depth look at VSAVI (re-branded from ECOpure) e-liquid. VSAVI ECOpure e liquid set itself apart from the competition in several ways. One of which is that it is 100% clean tested VG e-liquid. The purity of the liquid was tested at Manchester University’s state of the art bio-science laboratory.

ECOpure has now been withdrawn but the new VSAVI ECOvape organic pure VG e-liquid has been introduced to replace it and goes through the same rigorous testing

VSAVI VG e-liquids live up to their reputation as well, they only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients. True top quality gourmet e-liquids. What’s more is all ingredients are sourced from within the EU and every batch is tested to give complete confidence in what you are buying. It is also made right here in EU/UK labs and that does reassure me on the health side of things.

At a price point of £14.49 for 30ml it is also a premium price. But here at Quality E Cigs we firmly believe that if you are switching to E-Cigs from regular cigarettes it’s well worth paying the price for a premium e liquid so that you know it is pure clean and tested, and your never going to notice the price difference in liquid after paying up to £9 or £10 for a pack of 20 regular cigarettes!

Around 75% of people have no idea what is in their e-liquid, and of the remaining 25%, I highly doubt any actually “know” what’s in them. Did you know a lot of companies batch test their E-Liquid, and then use the same batch test report for every subsequent batch. We believe this is totally wrong.  Often the ingredients listed are generally vague at best. It’s really worth giving ECOpure credit here for the fantastic job they have done in producing only the highest quality tested E liquid.

gourmet e liquids - best quality vape uk - VSAVI ecopure ejuices

The Taste

VSAVI ECOpure comes in with a very limited range of flavours – only three! and as such is aimed at smokers looking for tobacco equivalent e-liquid – ie. not shisha or fruity taste seekers. Flavours are Rich, Regular and Menthol. The range of flavours is extremely limited due to the fact they want to keep things as simple and pure as possible. That being said, as they have menthol I would prefer it if they branched out to a few more flavours. I am sure they could produce a pure version of Vanilla!

….The new Vsavi ECOvape range has now updated their range to include pure VG range of flavours!!

I have tried most of them and my absolute favourite is Pure Virginia. Its like their Regular tobacco but it packs more punch. The intake was satisfying with a definite throat hit. The plumes of smoke or vapour produced was good, nice and thick. If I was trying to make the transition to E-Cigs from smoking for the first time I feel this would be a great substitute. Overall I like the taste.

Another thing to note is that this liquid uses vegetable glycerin as opposed to propylene glycol, some manufacturers mix both. The main difference being VG produces a more thicker smoke (which I like) but perhaps delivers a slightly weaker throat hit. Using a slightly higher nicotine concentration will compensate for this.

The new VSAVI ECOvape e-liquid range.

UK gourmet e Liquid reviews

For more of a range of flavours see our premium grade Platinum e-liquid review here.

Organic 100% VG Liquid

If you’re an avid vaper you’ll know that VG E Liquid (100%), whilst good quality, is too thick and impractical for vaping on its own.

A common solution to this is mixing it with PG liquid which solves the issue of thickness but gives out less vapour. Also, a lot of people are sensitive to PG e juice and therefore aren’t able to mix it with VG e-liquid in any event.

Before you start thinking about moving back to traditional cigarettes you should first explore the VSAVI ECOvape range of organic e-liquid flavours for a healthy and cleaner smoking alternative with 100% VG Liquid (and without PG mixer!). However VSAVI do offer a short Fill option too!

The VSAVI ECO-vape range is, to our knowledge the only UK organic e-Liquid available which is tested & 100% VG, but also thin enough to vape without any clogging in the tank. Note that there are other similarly named brands that are not!

The VSAVI ECO-vape and Platinum range of safer e liquids are fully laboratory tested and contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are available in the UK – this ensures a safer pure e-cigarette experience allowing for maximum user enjoyment.

Clean, organic, safe, tested and pure are the key features in making some e-liquids stand out from the crowd.

Get the book from Amazon here.

Post on amazon in relation to Allen Carr’s Book: By Jay.

I was a 20-30 per day smoker for 11 years and I hated every puff, I also hated that I was willing to go hungry or beg strangers to get a cigarette. What’s more not only did smoking make me ill but it was killing me; I suffered a severe chest infection that nearly killed me at 20, and I suffered multiple strokes in my teens as a result of being both a smoker and taking hormonal birth control pills. In my time trying to quit smoking I had tried every tip and trick to cut down or quit cold-turkey, I had tried nicotine replacement therapy, e-cigarettes, support groups, drugs like Zyban, but nothing worked more than three months…and those three months were a constant battle not to buy a pack of cigarettes, depriving myself of something I didn’t even want, eating like a pig to keep my mouth busy, sleeping-in to avoid hour of torment without a smoke, and snapping at everyone.

I came across Easyway on a forum amongst a sea of positive reviews, I immediately thought ‘this is going to be the magic ticket!’ and bought a new copy of the book straight away. I got the book within a few days, initially I tried to put off reading the book – I’m not a huge reader, and I guess I was scared of giving-up smoking – I would read a few pages then decide I was bored, or I’d find myself sitting arguing with the book…sure I knew smoking was bad but it calmed me down, I need it to socialise, to break the boredom at work, to take a break between drinks on a night out, to use as a means of self-defense when walking alone at night…it took me a few weeks to finish the book. I agreed with everything that the book said and so I stopped smoking…

I managed three months before I broke-down and asked a work colleague for a cigarette, it had been a little easier than on previous attempts to quit, but it was still me trying to use willpower to fight the addiction – I wasn’t using the method correctly! I knew the method worked, it made too much sense for it not to work! Over the following year I continued to smoke but at the same time suggested this book to friends; FIVE people quit smoking with this book after I recommended it to them, why not me?! I didn’t follow the method correctly, chances are it was because I’m not a big fan of reading and just found myself sitting arguing with the book was why it didn’t work for me. I tried re-reading the book and getting a PC disk with software guiding you through the course, I knew was missing something but at the same time I knew I was on the right track!

I signed up for an Easyway Clinic, it was expensive however it was about the cost of two months worth of cigarettes and they offered a full money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose. The clinic took two hours, they went through exactly what they did in the book and I was able to argue back with the advisor…the thing is he didn’t say anything I didn’t already know myself, I felt like he hadn’t really given me anything new at all. During the whole clinic you were still allowed to smoke, we had regular cigarette breaks and we happily chain-smoked every 30 minutes. At the end of the clinic we were asked to throw our cigarettes into a bin bag, I did so knowing fine well that I was just going to buy more on my way home…

…I never bought another pack of cigarettes.

I’ve been a non-smoker for 7 years now and I have never once wanted to smoke again; no cravings, no withdrawal, no moodiness, no depriving myself, no struggle with willpower or replacing cigarettes with food or some other distraction for my mouth or hands. It’s not that I’m an ex-smoker either, it’s like I was never a smoker to begin with. I look at people smoking and I am completely baffled by it, I just can’t get my head around the idea of lighting up a cigarette and putting it in my mouth to suck on. The whole idea of smoking seems so foreign to me now, I just can’t remember how to smoke or why I’d even want to. It drives me insane seeing smokers going through hell trying to quit with willpower methods, when I know this method is so easy!

Not meaning to break any illusions here, but Easyway works by tackling the mental addiction – if you don’t want to quit and if you don’t follow this method then it won’t work. I can assure you those who give this book a bad review have found it hasn’t worked because they haven’t followed the method, I see them saying; it’s just saying what you know already, it just keeps repeating the same thing, it just keeps talking about the method but never explains the method, smoking is a chemical addiction so this book won’t help you – trust me when I say these people have missed the entire point of the book.

I can honestly say this book saved my life, and gave me back my freedom, I really can’t express how much I appreciate and love Allen Carr for what he has done. I’ll even let you in on a secret, when I have spare cash I buy copies of this book and leave it in doctors offices. PLEASE I beg you buy this book, or even try the clinic. THIS METHOD WORKS.


Comments from the web.

Today we have the pleasure of reviewing the Platinum E-Liquid range manufactured by V2. V2 are a well-respected brand who champion consistently high quality vapours and then back it up with rock solid research and vigorous product testing. Using pharmaceutical grade nicotine to ensure you get only the purest cleanest vape. V2 Cigs are one of the best e cigarette manufacturers and is #1 on-line for e cigs in the USA – the fuel behind this success is their best e liquids.

They also state which of their flavours are the most similar to popular brands of cigarettes, you can read all about that here but here is the run-down:

  • V2 Red has a similar flavour profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Marlboro®1, Pall Mall®2, Lambert & Butler®2, Basic®1, Lucky Strike®3, Mayfair®2 and B&H®1.
  • V2 Congress has a similar flavour profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Parliament®1, Marlboro®1 Lights, JPS®3, Benson & Hedges®1, Merit®1, Kent®3, and L&M®1.
  • V2 Sahara has a similar flavour profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Camel®2, Kent®3, American Spirit®4, Merit®1, and many European cigarette varieties.
  • V2 Menthol has a similar flavour profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Kool®2, Salem®2, Newport®5, Marlboro®1 Menthol, and Basic®1 Menthol.

Well personally I used to smoke Malboro, so for today I will be Vaping V2 Platinum Red quality E-liquid at the 18 mg strength

TPD regulation has now forced e cigarette companies to remove the 2.4 mg e liquid option, so 1.8 mg is the maximum V2 nicotine content. If you need a strong nicotine hit you will need to use the Pro Series 3 which will give significantly more vapour and hence nicotine absorption potential than your standard e cigarette.


First Impressions

Firstly the vapour, wow, surprisingly a lot of vapour and I’m only using a 3.2 Volt battery. Really thick smoke -well vapour – production, and a really solid throat hit. I would suggest at this point possibly going to a slightly lower strength if you are not a heavy smoker, the 12 mg is a less powerful vape, but I prefer the 18 mg.

Platinum Liquid really gives a smoking feel, which is important when vaping. If you still get cravings for real cigs after using your current e-liquid, then it is not cutting the cheese.

Health Concerns

not the best e liquid

E Liquid found on an on line shop with no information

V2 is the most transparent company I know of when it comes to the ingredients in their E-Liquid. It is designed to go into your body, and personally I want to know what I’m putting into my body is the purest stuff I can find as I plan to be doing this long term.

This really sets them apart from the crowd. They really consider the health aspects of vaping, the quality of the ingredients, where the ingredients are sourced, is the same quality in every batch of E-Liquid. For example, you want to find out what is in your E-Liquid? Go ahead and check your current brand, the exact ingredients are incredibly hard to find generally and probably not fully disclosed. Most companies do not give full details using terms like “flavourings” to hide all manner of ingredients. See the picture to the right –  I found this bottle of E liquid on another website which just had “apple” on it with no information at all. Not the best e liquid! I want to know what I’m inhaling!

V2 take this a step further, each bottle comes with a batch number, you can enter this onto their website and download a lab report of the exact batch of liquid you are vaping. This is for absolute transparency and total piece of mind.

I found a batch report for my current quality e liquid – is this as high quality?

A common problem is that a manufacturer may produce an ingredient report for the first lot of E liquid shipped. It could be months or years old. Then all subsequent batches will be shipped and the same lab report is used. Many companies don’t even mention testing.  There are very loose regulations if any for e liquids and currently e-liquids in the UK do not have to comply with any legislation. The places in India and China where they are made don’t care what you are putting into your body, the cheaper they can do it the better for them, do you expect them to keep the same standards 6 months down the line? Platinum E liquid ensures this by lab testing every batch! Get the a good vape pen and use the best E-Juice!

 Value for money

Platinum is a quality laboratory tested E liquid offering users a safer vape and as such is not the cheapest e liquid in the UK. The best e liquid available from our perspective. It comes in at £13.45 for 25ml in a clean security bottle with a pipette style head to help you fill your refill with no mess – so it is not expensive either.  You can get “dirt” cheap small 10 ml bottles for £3.99 that have been imported in bulk. However as far as prime quality E liquid such as Platinum goes – this is great value. Especially if you consider the quality you are getting, the vaping experience and all the rigorous testing. It’s also equivalent to 2.5 little bottles you typically find at garages. The 25 ml will give you around 25 refills. 53p a refill! – each 1 ml refill is very roughly a pack of cigs. So 25 ml equates to considerably less than £1.00 per pack of 20 cigarettes equivalent. Regardless of Platinum e liquids price compared to cheap e-liquid brands, that’s still massively cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes.

best e liquid uk


vg e-juices

Does *cough* vaping *cough* make you cough?

A small but significant number of people have noted that when trying e-cigarettes and vaping for the first time they began to cough more than they used to. This is a common and well known factor when it comes to switching to vaping.

For the vast majority of people who do experience this, coughing whilst using an e-cigarette is a temporary issue that goes away by itself after a very short period of time. Most people switching to vaping will probably not experience this.

What exactly is making me cough?

One of the reasons that you may cough when you first try an e cigarette is simply because your body is not used to vapour so your lungs reacts as if it is a foreign substance, much like a non-smoker trying a cigarette.  To alleviate this when you first try vaping it is advisable to inhale with with small shallow breaths so your body can adjust.

Another reason that can cause a gagging sensation or lead to coughing when vaping for the first time is that the nicotine content of the e liquid is to high. Start out with a low nicotine level, 3 mg or 6 mg to allow your body to adjust. It may well only take a few hours before your body becomes accustomed to vapour and you can then enjoy the full benefits vaping has over smoking.

Propylene Glycol Allergy

Another significant reason why people cough when first vaping is due to sensitivity of the propylene glycol (PG) found in e-liquid. In straightforward terms, PG is used in e-liquid as a base and its job is to act as a “carrier” for the nicotine so that it is more easily absorbed. Now a small number of the population, around 10% may, find that they are allergic to PG. It is important for those who react to PG based e liquid to use an alternative type of e liquid which has been developed. This alternative e liquid replaces the PG base with a Vegetable Glycerin (VG) base. VG is organic and typically slightly thicker than PG which can lead to clogging up certain e cigarettes and vaporizers. However pure 100% VG e liquids have been developed with a “thinner” constituency which now helps avoid this issue. VG e liquid creates considerably more vapour clouds than PG e liquid but PG can give a slightly better throat hit than VG and it can allow better nicotine absorption. This can be countered by using a slightly higher nicotine strength VG e juice.

Hydration is Important

When making the transition from smoking to vaping it is important to ensure your body is hydrated. PG e liquid can for some cause a little dryness in the throat which can lead to coughing especially in the first day or so, this dry sensation will go but it is always advisable to drink water through your vaping day.

Variety, the Spice of Life

The e liquid in e-cigarettes offer much more of a variety than regular cigarettes with different flavours, potency and throat hit available. Therefore it may take a little time and some experimenting until you find the perfect product for you. Get the taste right first and then it is easy to find the correct nicotine strength. Many e-liquid suppliers sell variety packs, samplers of e liquid, so that you can establish which e juice flavour you prefer and it is advisable that you try one of these first.

TPD Directive

With the advent of the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) in 2017, e cigarettes and e liquid should start to get safer as legislators ensure compliance with minimum standards.


Pure  E Liquids are doing the biggest giveaway we have ever seen on any e liquid site ever!

PEL Competition

With 50 FREE V2 Series 3 Pro Vaporizers up for grabs, click to visit their site and enter the competition.

They have also recently released a brand new 100% organic VG E Liquid “EcoVape” – We highly recommend it. One of the best 100% VG E liquids we have sampled here at qualityecigs.