Platinum E Liquid Review

Today we have the pleasure of reviewing the Platinum E-Liquid range manufactured by V2. V2 are a well-respected brand who champion consistently high quality vapours and then back it up with rock solid research and vigorous product testing. Using pharmaceutical grade nicotine to ensure you get only the purest cleanest vape. V2 Cigs are one of the best e cigarette manufacturers and is #1 on-line for e cigs in the USA – the fuel behind this success is their best e liquids.

They also state which of their flavours are the most similar to popular brands of cigarettes, you can read all about that here but here is the run-down:

  • V2 Red has a similar flavour profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Marlboro®1, Pall Mall®2, Lambert & Butler®2, Basic®1, Lucky Strike®3, Mayfair®2 and B&H®1.
  • V2 Congress has a similar flavour profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Parliament®1, Marlboro®1 Lights, JPS®3, Benson & Hedges®1, Merit®1, Kent®3, and L&M®1.
  • V2 Sahara has a similar flavour profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Camel®2, Kent®3, American Spirit®4, Merit®1, and many European cigarette varieties.
  • V2 Menthol has a similar flavour profile to the following traditional tobacco brands: Kool®2, Salem®2, Newport®5, Marlboro®1 Menthol, and Basic®1 Menthol.

Well personally I used to smoke Malboro, so for today I will be Vaping V2 Platinum Red quality E-liquid at the 18 mg strength

TPD regulation has now forced e cigarette companies to remove the 2.4 mg e liquid option, so 1.8 mg is the maximum V2 nicotine content. If you need a strong nicotine hit you will need to use the Pro Series 3 which will give significantly more vapour and hence nicotine absorption potential than your standard e cigarette.

First Impressions

Firstly the vapour, wow, surprisingly a lot of vapour and I’m only using a 3.2 Volt battery. Really thick smoke -well vapour – production, and a really solid throat hit. I would suggest at this point possibly going to a slightly lower strength if you are not a heavy smoker, the 12 mg is a less powerful vape, but I prefer the 18 mg.

Platinum Liquid really gives a smoking feel, which is important when vaping. If you still get cravings for real cigs after using your current e-liquid, then it is not cutting the cheese.

Health Concerns

V2 is the most transparent company I know of when it comes to the ingredients in their E-Liquid. It is designed to go into your body, and personally I want to know what I’m putting into my body is the purest stuff I can find as I plan to be doing this long term.

This really sets them apart from the crowd. They really consider the health aspects of vaping, the quality of the ingredients, where the ingredients are sourced, is the same quality in every batch of E-Liquid. For example, you want to find out what is in your E-Liquid? Go ahead and check your current brand, the exact ingredients are incredibly hard to find generally and probably not fully disclosed. Most companies do not give full details using terms like “flavourings” to hide all manner of ingredients. See the picture to the right –  I found this bottle of E liquid on another website which just had “apple” on it with no information at all. Not the best e liquid! I want to know what I’m inhaling!

V2 take this a step further, each bottle comes with a batch number, you can enter this onto their website and download a lab report of the exact batch of liquid you are vaping. This is for absolute transparency and total piece of mind.

I found a batch report for my current quality e liquid – is this as high quality?

A common problem is that a manufacturer may produce an ingredient report for the first lot of E liquid shipped. It could be months or years old. Then all subsequent batches will be shipped and the same lab report is used. Many companies don’t even mention testing.  There are very loose regulations if any for e liquids and currently e-liquids in the UK do not have to comply with any legislation. The places in India and China where they are made don’t care what you are putting into your body, the cheaper they can do it the better for them, do you expect them to keep the same standards 6 months down the line? Platinum E liquid ensures this by lab testing every batch! Get the a good vape pen and use the best E-Juice!

 Value for money

Platinum is a quality laboratory tested E liquid offering users a safer vape and as such is not the cheapest e liquid in the UK. The best e liquid available from our perspective. It comes in at £13.45 for 25ml in a clean security bottle with a pipette style head to help you fill your refill with no mess – so it is not expensive either.  You can get “dirt” cheap small 10 ml bottles for £3.99 that have been imported in bulk. However as far as prime quality E liquid such as Platinum goes – this is great value. Especially if you consider the quality you are getting, the vaping experience and all the rigorous testing. It’s also equivalent to 2.5 little bottles you typically find at garages. The 25 ml will give you around 25 refills. 53p a refill! – each 1 ml refill is very roughly a pack of cigs. So 25 ml equates to considerably less than £1.00 per pack of 20 cigarettes equivalent. Regardless of Platinum e liquids price compared to cheap e-liquid brands, that’s still massively cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes.

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