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Best E-Cig Batteries

There are a lot of different batteries out there. Thankfully, there are some tried-and-true favourites. Best advice – find the best e cigarette battery for a reliable vape.

In the 18650 Class, the most common are typically the Sony VTC4 and VTC5. These are high-amperage, high-capacity batteries that are safe up to 30 Amps, the VTC5 carrying slightly more capacity.

Always look for IMR-chemistry batteries. ICR is good if you plan on using it in a flash-light or converting your mod to an IED. Always, Always, always use IMR until a better technology comes around. Be mindful of the capacity and don’t let your coil exceed 90% of it. Amps equals volts over resistance. Ecigs are not the original intended use for these batteries but they will serve quite well as long as you remain within the specifications.

If you find that your battery is getting warm, or if you find that you accidentally pocketed your mod without setting the lock ring and your thigh is on fire…take the battery out of the mod and set it aside to cool down. The battery is probably safe, unless you notice it leaking or blistering. A tear on the wrapper alone does not mean the battery is safe.

Make sure your battery is charged before getting below 3.6V. These batteries like shallow discharge cycles, meaning don’t bring them too low and they’ll give you a good long life. A cheap multi-meter, such as one from Harbor Freight, will be a great investment for an intermediate vaper since it will tell you the voltage of the batteries and you can use it to measure your coils once you learn how to use it. The red probe goes into the “V” or +” jack, the back probe goes into the “-” or “COM” jack. Set it to DC Volts on a level higher than “4” or “4000m” (on my Cen-Tech Harbor Freight Special, that is “20”). Place the red on the positive and the black on the negative. Presto.

Keep an eye out for portable charging cases too, many find these more convenient than carrying around multiple spares.

Also invest in a good ecig charger. You don’t have to spend £30 on a good one. Amazon has Nitecore i4’s for under £15 most days, and it is an excellent 4-bay charger which can even handle some 26650s.

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