Clean Organic 100% VG Liquid (Without Needing PG Mixer)!

Organic 100% VG Liquid

If you’re an avid vaper you’ll know that VG E Liquid (100%), whilst good quality, is too thick and impractical for vaping on its own.

A common solution to this is mixing it with PG liquid which solves the issue of thickness but gives out less vapour. Also, a lot of people are sensitive to PG e juice and therefore aren’t able to mix it with VG e-liquid in any event.

Before you start thinking about moving back to traditional cigarettes you should first explore the VSAVI ECOvape range of organic e-liquid flavours for a healthy and cleaner smoking alternative with 100% VG Liquid (and without PG mixer!). However VSAVI do offer a short Fill option too!

The VSAVI ECO-vape range is, to our knowledge the only UK organic e-Liquid available which is tested & 100% VG, but also thin enough to vape without any clogging in the tank. Note that there are other similarly named brands that are not!

The VSAVI ECO-vape and Platinum range of safer e liquids are fully laboratory tested and contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are available in the UK – this ensures a safer pure e-cigarette experience allowing for maximum user enjoyment.

Clean, organic, safe, tested and pure are the key features in making some e-liquids stand out from the crowd.

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