Best Sub-Ohm Tanks UK

Best sub-ohm tanks

For huge clouds and deep flavour, you cannot beat sub-ohm tanks. The ones we have reviewed below are high-quality, reliable and suitable for all everyone from beginners to advanced vapers.

Top 5 sub-ohm tanks

#1Horizon Falcon King
#2 Freemax Mesh Pro
#3Apollo Portal Sub Ohm Tank
#4Geekvape Alpha Sub Ohm
#5Aspire Revvo Tank

What is a sub-ohm tank?

Sub-ohm tanks are fitted with replaceable low resistance coils. These coils are designed to produce big clouds, which delivers a richer, deeper flavour experience.
These vape tanks are ideal for use with high-powered vaporizers. They provide wide-open airflow, which ensures the coil never gets too hot.

How does a sub-ohm tank work?

Sub-ohm tanks work the same way regular tanks do. The cotton wick soaks up the e-juice, which turns into clouds of vapour when the damp wick comes in contact with the heated coil. Every time you suck on your device, more e-juice is drawn onto the wick and the cycle repeats itself.

What are the advantages of sub-ohm tanks?

Sub-ohm tanks have become increasingly popular and with good reason. They offer the following advantages:

  • Huge clouds of vapour
  • A more intense flavour
  • Ideal for high-powered vaping devices
  • Generally larger tank capacity
  • A smoother hit due to generally using lower nic strengths
  • Huge clouds of vapour
  • Warmer vapour

What are the disadvantages of sub-ohm tanks?

No product or device is perfect, that includes sub-ohm tanks. Sub-ohm tanks are not for everybody.

  • Weaker throat hit (They generally need a high VG Juice)
  • Less efficient nicotine absorption
  • They use way more e-liquid, therefore cost more to upkeep
  • You will need to replace the coils more often, and this is a little messy
  • Batteries don’t last long in high-powered vaping devices
  • You need to learn and follow the safety guidelines more than a smaller ecig and learn what wattages, resistances, etc you should be using to get the best flavour

What’s the best sub-ohm tank for you?

Which sub-ohm tank is right for you, is to some extent a matter of personal choice. But, here are the main things you need to consider when buying them.

  • If wanting to vape for the first time, maybe a vape pen style e-cig would be a simpler, better choice?
  • Is this sub-ohm tank compatible with my favourite vaping device?
  • Will my battery drain too fast when using this tank?
  • How much e juice does it hold? (A 2ml, for example, will need to be refilled constantly
  • How easy is it to replace the coils and fill the tank?

Asking yourself these questions before you buy your sub-ohm tank will help you to narrow down your options. Combined with our reviews you will soon be able to identify and buy the best sub-ohm tank for you.

5 Best sub-ohm vape tanks

OK, now we have answered some of the most common questions sub-ohm tank buyers have, we can share with your our top picks.

#1 Horizon Falcon King – Best sub-ohm tank

This sub-ohm looks fantastic functions flawlessly and generates clouds of deeply flavoured vapour.
The bamboo fibres and organic cotton wick control the flow of e-liquid in a way most of its rivals don’t. There are no dry hit issues with the Horizon Falcon King Sub-ohm tank.

The build quality and design are flawless. Their shortened chimney is genius. This feature ensures that the tank does not leak and is part of the reason you get such a good flavour hit from this tank.

Looking after this tank is easy too. Disassembling and rebuilding is something you will soon get the hang of.

#2 Freemax Mesh Pro – Best sub-ohm tank for flavour

This tank operates smoothly and offers excellent airflow control, which results in superior flavour delivery. The coil system has a larger than normal surface area, which heats the cotton evenly and helps to produce Freemax’s signature huge vape clouds. The tank is generously proportioned. It offers a standard capacity of 6ml. Or you can use the bubble glass that up to a 5ml capacity (restricted to 2 in the EU).

The innovative top-fill design makes refilling this tank super easy. Coil replacement is simple too. If you are looking for a versatile tank and flavour is your priority the Freemax Mesh Pro sub-ohm is the tank for you.

#3 Apollo Portal Sub Ohm Tank – Best sub-ohm for beginners

This is a compact sub-Ohm tank that performs better than many standard tanks do. Its size makes it comfortable to hold. The black version comes with a rubberized grip.

You get a choice of three coil resistance options. For beginners, this is great because it enables them to experiment and work out what level of cloud is right for them.

The Apollo Portal sub-Ohm tank is very versatile. It is suitable for use with both PG and VG e juices.

#4 Geekvape Alpha Sub Ohm – Most economical to run sub-ohm

The Egyptian cotton wick helps to create a mellow, yet flavoursome vape experience. The fact that no Hydrogen Peroxide has been used to create these wicks means you get a particularly clean flavour.
You will love the sprung, button press top-loading mechanism. There is no risk of you accidentally dripping vaping oils onto your favourite clothes.

The adjustable bottom airflow system is also nicely designed. It is easy to create the volume of cloud you enjoy. This tank works best with the higher VG e-liquids.

#5 Aspire Revvo Tank – Easiest to use sub-ohm vaping tank

This is another top filler tank. But, it is a little different from most of the others. Instead of unscrewing the top cap, you push the tip of the bottle into the filling port and squeeze gently. It is a far less fiddly way to top up your e-liquid tank. But, you will need to buy e-liquids that come in a bottle with a fine tip.

Aspire have a well-deserved reputation for innovation. They were one of the first manufacturers to use an arc coil. This has proved to be a reliable design that delivers consistent results. It is also robust, so, you will be able to go for longer between coil changes. The fact that there is no spit back is a bonus.

It is set up for use with the higher wattage mods and produces a good level of vapour. But, unfortunately, when it comes to flavour delivery, it is just average. Plus, the limited choice of coil and drip tip options means that this is sub-ohm tank won’t be right for everyone.

So, there you have it 5 excellent sub-Ohm tanks that are available in the UK. All of them are well made and represent excellent value for money. But, the Horizon Falcon King still has the edge over the rest.