Best Pod Kits for 2020

The switch from smoker to vaper with e-cigarettes is a trending change for multiple reasons. As more people make the transition, that first device is such a big factor. More often than not, new vapers want simplicity and a likeness to cigarettes when they begin the journey of vaping. For this reason, pod devices, which are much more compact and easier to use than mod devices, are the preferred choice. The best pod kits for 2020 include some fantastic compact vapes that will feel familiar, easy to use and lightweight.

With pods and mods, you have a wide variety of options in terms of shape, size, technical extras and design. It’s a welcome change from the world of cigarettes. So where do you begin with finding the right mod? The important considerations to make the right choice depend on your preferences. Do you want a super easy pod setup for vaping straight away? If so, a pre-filled pod is perfect. Minimal fuss for instant vaping. However, some like to refill their pods with their own liquids. In that case, you can buy your own and get stuck in. Below we have a fine selection of both options, so all you need to do is pick the one you love.

Our Pod Kits for 2020 Winners Are….

Pre Filled Choice: Vype ePod

A real easy device to use. The Vype ePod is the best choice for former smokers looking to quit. That’s because it doesn’t require any filling whatsoever. Just buy your ready-made e-liquid to slip into the top of the device. It rattles around in there a tiny amount, which may put some vapers off, but still a quality design that fits in your pocket. At just over 23g, it’s one of the lighter pods on the market.

The battery can potentially last a full day depending on how much you vape and it’s easy to charge too.

Key Features

  • Autodraw
  • 350mAh battery
  • 1.9ml pod
  • Magnetic charge cable (USB)
  • Five flavours 18/12/6/3mg pods
vype epod kit

Pre Filled: Riptide RipStick Starter Kit

Another fantastic device which is a seamless fit with smokers looking to kick the habit. The 500mAh battery offers an all-day experience which boosts the flavours too. You can pick from a wide range including Mint and Bright Leaf Tobacco for a familiar taste. Because of the NicTech innovation in this device, it contains no benzoic acid for an enhanced experience as a beginner vaper, as well as handy for the more advanced just wanting an easy to carry around pod device.

Key Features

  • 1.4ml capacity
  • Charging light indicator
  • Variety of pod flavours
  • Minimised cloud for stealth vaping
  • Smooth rubber texture
RipTide RipStick

Pre Filled: Hangsen iQ Air Kit

What we like about the Hangsen iQ Air Kit is the simplistic but stylish design. A slim and long device which may appeal to former cigarette smokers in terms of dimensions. Equipped with multiple pod options, you’re spoiled for choice. Provides plenty of vaping action with a smooth MTL draw, which is the most similar technique to smoking.

Key Features

  • Temperature control
  • Works with 0.9ml pre filled pods
  • Internal batteries
  • USB port and chargers for at home or in the car/office
  • Variety of flavours
hangsen iq air kit

Refillable: Smok Nord 2

A very popular device with vapers of all levels, the Smok Nord 2 is an upgrade on the original, which we didn’t think was possible. What you get with its younger brother is an increased battery size for all-day vaping. Plus, the adjustable wattage helps to control the flavour of your vape with more ease. Factor interchangeable coils into the equation and slick design in a variety of colours for a perfect all-round option. We love to pair it with nic salts, creating a seamless transitional device for anyone giving up cigarettes.

Key Features

  • 1500mAh battery
  • 0.69 Inch OLED Side Display Screen
  • Side fill port
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • Short circuit protection and automatic 8-second cut-off
Smok Nord 2 pod kit

Refillable: Vaporesso Target PM80 Sub-Ohm Pod Kit

Providing a great flavour hit for those who love pod devices, the Vaporesso Target PM80 is a fantastic choice combining the best of pod and mod devices. It’s a solid step up to DTL vaping, with the wattage variable a welcome change and the battery power a highlight. You have the puff counter too, which comes in handy for anybody counting the nicotine intake daily.

Also, the design is really ergonomic and user friendly. Not to mention the nice display on the screen for easy navigation and a simple drip tip feature. Overall, a fantastic pod that works just as well as Sub-Ohm for cloud chasers.

Key Features

  • Large 2000mAh battery
  • 5-80W range
  • 2A micro USB port
  • Stylish TFT display screen
  • Variety of coil options
Vaporesso Target PM80 Sub-Ohm Pod Kit

What it comes down to when picking your first pod is whichever device makes you feel most comfortable. For some vapers, they will want minimal fuss. Therefore, a prefilled pod is the best bet, with lots of fantastic choices available, including the best around in 2020. Meanwhile, don’t rule out the refillable pods either. They might look more advanced with some nice additional features. But rest assured the refillable still create a smooth experience and a reliable option wherever you vape. It’s equally nice to have the option of adding new e-liquids should you prefer.