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5 Ways to Boost Vape Flavours

5 Ways to Boost Vape Flavours

We love our vapour flavours, don’t we? Along with actual vapour production, it is one of the two most sought-after attributes of vaping. Those who have made the switch to vaping are after other things, such as a good throat hit, price savings, etc. But, it’s really flavour and vapour that top the list. While you can chase vapour clouds to your heart’s delight, usually by getting into sub-ohm vaping, what can you do to get more flavour? That’s our topic today, as we give you five ways to boost those flavours and make your taste buds sing.

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  1. Keep Your Gear Clean. Maybe you don’t enjoy cleaning your room, but you will enjoy better flavours if you keep your vaping equipment clean. Making sure you clean your tank, especially to prevent any residue buildup, will go a long way in giving you crisper flavour output.
  2. Beware of Vaper’s Tongue. The dreaded vaper’s tongue could be a reason you aren’t getting the flavours impact you are used to. This condition is essentially you overloading your tongue with too much of the same flavour so your taste buds are working overtime. Cut them some slack and switch to a flavour completely different than what you are used to. You should see your tired taste buds come back to life because of it.
  3. Store Properly. You should always store all your vaping equipment properly as a matter of practice. When it comes to flavour, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your cartridges and/or e-liquid. Always be sure your e-liquid bottle is sealed tightly so the flavour composition doesn’t change due to your vape juice being in contact with air. If your cartridge isn’t in use, put it in a case or plug it for the same reason. Storing e-liquid and cartridges properly is one important way to get the most out of your e-cigarette and to boost your vaping flavour.
  4. The Right Drip Tip. You wouldn’t think much of it, but the drip tip you use can also make a difference in terms of flavour. While some people, especially cloud chasers, prefer a very large opening to get more vapour, the opposite goes for flavour. A decent sized hole in your drip tip is okay, but nothing too big. Using a quality aluminum drip tip with a small or medium sized opening generally will allow you to get better flavours from your vape.
  5. Choose Premium E-Liquid. Last but not least, you should absolutely choose a premium e-liquid. Whether you use cartridges or refill your own tank, the quality of the vape juice you purchase will likely be the most important facet of getting a great tasting vapour experience. Grabbing some cheap e-juice may seem alright at first, but you will quickly tire of their sub-par flavours. Make a commitment to purchasing premium e-liquid, such as V2’s platinum e-liquid and cartridges, and you’ll immediately notice a difference. Attention to detail is crucial for great flavours, and that’s what you’ll get with premium e-liquid.

If you’re reading this, it means you are looking to get more out of your vaping experience with regard to flavour. Why wouldn’t you? Any vaper should be looking to improve their experience and a critical element of that would be vaping flavour. You’ll want to take stock of the above ways we recommend you do so. These aren’t the only tips for improving your vape flavour, but they are the most popular and effective. At the very least, they are a great place to get started. Once you incorporate these into your vaping habits, you should notice a real difference with your vape flavour. Go ahead and try it, and be free to tell us if they made a change for you. We’ll be happy to hear from you and we’re always here to help make your vaping experience that much better. Happy vaping!

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